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If a person is insured under an insurance policy and dies from a terrorist attack, such as the one that occurs in Manchester or Jakarta, will the family be able to claim under the insurance policy? ... 25 May 2017, View: 9

Source All my life I have believed in the concept of insurance, and that it can help when I am have falling ill or provide relief for my children when I finally leave this world behind. I am wri... 22 May 2017, View: 64

China is facing the same issue about the fraudulent sales of life insurance policies as faced  by Singapore. I hope that they are more effective in dealing with this problem. Source: http... 22 May 2017, View: 16

A young man aged 25, who is working as an intern, bought an "early stage critical illness policy" a few years ago. The cover was for $75,000 and the annual premium was $1,200. He did not have an incom... 17 May 2017, View: 37

Hi Mr Tan, Recently I faced a dilemma whether should I continue my AXA Early Stage CI or not which covers me until 75 for a guaranteed fixed $1,246.50 annually inclusive of GST.   This i... 16 May 2017, View: 86

Here are some tips on how to buy stocks in a market crash 1.  The market crash is triggered by a major political or economic event. 2.  It could crash by 10% or more within the same da... 15 May 2017, View: 210

I share two stories about investing for the long term. The following two shares represent fairly large investments for me. APPLE SHARES I had Apples shares for several years. It went to as low at ... 14 May 2017, View: 135

During the past five decades, many people have made large profits on the sale of their properties. This was possible due to the escalation of property prices. However, property prices have reached ... 14 May 2017, View: 41