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A consumer (Mr. J) came to consult me. He had bad experience with the two private bankers. One was a local person and the other was an expatriate. Over the years, they had advised him to invest in cer... 24 Apr 2017, View: 13

Dear Mr. Tan I am currently insured under a 10 year Term insurance policy which covers death and permanent total disability. Total disability is defined as "complete and continuous inability of the... 22 Apr 2017, View: 69

Several insurance companies have introduced a life insurance policy to provide an annuity. I analyzed a policy recently and found that it was NOT a life annuity. It was only a term annuity. The annuit... 19 Apr 2017, View: 63

MAS has recently embarked on a new ad campaign by fooling investors into too good to be true "made up" investment segment and later shared with them tips on how to avoid them.  Today online ha... 16 Apr 2017, View: 15

An elderly woman, who was not well educated, was advised by the agent to upgrade from a shield C plan to a shield A plan. She took the advice. 15 months later, she was diagnosed for colon can... 16 Apr 2017, View: 31

Dear Mr. Tan I have invested in some ETF and REITs and very little on blue chips etc. In this current scenario of low interest, what would be the best options if I have some cash ( say around 200K) ... 15 Apr 2017, View: 244

You may be confused with the many options available for Term Insurance in the Compare First website ( It is best to fix some of the options up front: 1. You want to buy a Te... 14 Apr 2017, View: 163

Dollar and Sense has interviewed 3 successful traders and found out their secret behind their trading success. Here is a summary of the interview article.  1) Traders must have confidence i... 14 Apr 2017, View: 57