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A policyholder bought a PruFlexiCash policy and paid premium of $48,000 over 8 years. She received cash payback of $16,000. The net surrender value now is about $8,000. If she surrender her policy now... 17 Aug 2018, View: 15

My friend told me that a company from the UK had been set up to develop 10,000 acres of land for planting the Musang King durian in Gua Musang. I recalled that Gua Musang is the constituency under ... 06 Aug 2018, View: 26

Hi Mr Tan, My private banker recommended Manulife Universal Life Plan to me. Single Premium: USD722,457 Sum Assured: USD2.5m Proposal is to take a loan for the USD722,457 with zero cash outlay. I... 20 Jul 2018, View: 148

Dear Mr Tan, I’m 48 years old single man who is currently unemployed taking care of my 73 years old mum who has recently diagnosed of dementia. She is also a diabetic patient for more tha... 05 Jul 2018, View: 125

Dear Mr Tan, Would like to seek your advice on the following. I considered myself a middle income earner and I lived in HDB flat with my family (wife and 2 kids). I’m 44 this year and managed to c... 03 Jul 2018, View: 203

In this video, I explain about CareShield Life. It will be introduced in 2020 and will be compulsory for Singaporeans and permanent residents who are between 30 to 40 years. Those below 30 will hav... 24 Jun 2018, View: 51

From the Sunday Times: Retail investors who want to diversify and try their hand in private equity can now do so via the newly launched Astrea IV private equity bonds. The features appear attracti... 10 Jun 2018, View: 157

The cost of the benefit under Care Shield Life depends on age and gender. If Care Shield Life is operated as a voluntary scheme, it is necessary to differentiate the premium rate by age and gender.... 10 Jun 2018, View: 19

Mr. X and his wife are in their early 30s. They do not have any children. They bought a resale 3 room flat a few years ago.  They are now able to sell the 33 year old flat for  ... 20 May 2018, View: 112

The consumer has bought 6 insurance policies from two companies. He has made a tentative decision on which policies to give up but he wanted to consult me before making his final decision.  Th... 17 May 2018, View: 84