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From the Sunday Times: Retail investors who want to diversify and try their hand in private equity can now do so via the newly launched Astrea IV private equity bonds. The features appear attracti... 10 Jun 2018, View: 135

The cost of the benefit under Care Shield Life depends on age and gender. If Care Shield Life is operated as a voluntary scheme, it is necessary to differentiate the premium rate by age and gender.... 10 Jun 2018, View: 14

Mr. X and his wife are in their early 30s. They do not have any children. They bought a resale 3 room flat a few years ago.  They are now able to sell the 33 year old flat for  ... 20 May 2018, View: 96

The consumer has bought 6 insurance policies from two companies. He has made a tentative decision on which policies to give up but he wanted to consult me before making his final decision.  Th... 17 May 2018, View: 66

Over the past 15 years, I have seen several variations of an investment linked policy with high charges that were not disclosed to the consumer and were usually sold fraudulent by the financial advise... 15 May 2018, View: 73

Hi Mr. Tan My family bought 3 plots of land in Eaton Bray UK at RM 66,000 each in 2013.  Lately, I was shocked to learn that some people are saying that land banks are a scam. I contacted the&nb... 07 May 2018, View: 49

This is the FISCA constitution as amended at the AGM held in 2012. The Committee intends to submit proposals to the next AGM to update the constitution to reflect the current practice and to simpli... 03 May 2018, View: 9

This is the accounts for FISCA for the year ended 31-3-2018 signed by the Treasurer and Auditor.... 03 May 2018, View: 5

A new HDB flat is a good investment becuase the buyer buy it at a "subsidised price" and can get a generous government grant of up to $80,000. They can sell the HDB flat after a minimum occupatio... 28 Apr 2018, View: 36

There are two types of insurance products. I classify them as follows: a) Standard products offered by many insurance companies and are competitively priced, e.g. personal accident, motor insurance... 26 Apr 2018, View: 47