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Straits Times reported. More than 6,000 of the 27,000 staff from the Singapore Airlines (SIA) Group have taken no-pay leave of varying lengths to help the company cope with the collapse in air trav... 10 Aug 2020, View: 666.

Berkshire Hathaway is run by Warren Buffet.  The Class A share has a price of over $300,000 USD per share. You need 1 million SGD to own 2 shares. The Class B share is priced more affordabl... 10 Aug 2020, View: 124.

I analyzed Kerry Properties in Hong Kong. It is a large property developer, owned by Robert Kuok's family. It is probably in the same league as Hongkong Land. The share price dropped from HK$41.95 ... 06 Aug 2020, View: 530.

Note - I have adjusted the NTA to $7.86 based on the annual report from Singapore Airlines. I have also updated my view. 05 Aug 2020, View: 1343.

I had a conversation with a Singaporean who is now living in Australia. He was previously an oil trader and is now "retired". During the stock market downturn, he increased his investment in shares a... 03 Aug 2020, View: 368.

I present below 3 popular REITS and 2 property shares.  Which metric is most important? Should it be the dividend yield, price earning ratio or the price to book? The dividend yield depen... 03 Aug 2020, View: 350.

I invested in Hongkong Land recently. It is quoted in SGX in USD. My investment is showing a book loss. I show below the financial figures for Hongkong land. It does not have a PE ratio or EPS (ear... 03 Aug 2020, View: 276.

I invested 360,000 HKD in Sinopec. It is now showing a loss of nearly 50%.  I am still keeping the share because, at the current price, the dividend yield is 10%. Even if the dividend is cut, ... 03 Aug 2020, View: 250.

The price of SPH dropped to $1.05 on 3 August. Two months ago, it was at $1.35. The highest price during the past 5 years was $4. I extracted the following figures from Yahoo Finance.  The ... 03 Aug 2020, View: 1524.

Miss X bought this policy 9 years ago. She asked me if she should continue or give up the policy. Here is my reply. Here is my analysis of the policy. By the end of 10 years, you would have paid ... 29 Jul 2020, View: 282. Restricted