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Here are the realized profits on my active portfolio during the past five months - June to October 2020.     Realised profit   USD SGD HKD ... 25 Oct 2020, View: 111. Restricted

I have a large investment in Gilead Science. I bought the stock when their drug remdesivir was given emergency approval for the treatment of covid-19 by America and a few other countries. The finan... 23 Oct 2020, View: 101. Restricted

I have invested $90,000 USD in gold mining stock - Barrick Gold and $35, 000 in gold ETF the total investment $125,000 USD. This is my largest investment ever in gold and gold stock.  This inv... 23 Oct 2020, View: 101. Restricted

I use the POEMS 2.0 mobile app. I find it convenient to use. It is better than the web app that I used previously on the desktop. I have now changed completedly to the mobile app. I login with my f... 16 Oct 2020, View: 107. Restricted

I now hold 200 shares in Tesla. It will be reporting its 3Q 2020 financial results on 22 Oct 2020.  What do I expect? I expect the results to be very good. They will report a healthy profit... 16 Oct 2020, View: 101. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan I want you view about the rights issue. Should I take it up? Reply The rights issue allows the shareholders to buy 290 units for every 1,000 units at an issue price of $2.34 per unit... 13 Oct 2020, View: 109. Restricted

I show my active portfolio below.  My holdings show a unrealized loss of $177,000 as at 11 Oct 2020. 75% of the loss comes from my Singapore shares. It is terrible, isn't it? Singapore shares ... 11 Oct 2020, View: 119. Restricted

Mr. Tan,  You are an expert in health insurance. What are your views about the proposed increase of up to 35% in premium for Medishield Life. Is it justified? Reply From the information that... 07 Oct 2020, View: 120. Restricted

Someone said Why don't you sell your Tesla shares at $450 and reinvest in Temasek bonds, rather than US treasuries. Both are denominated in US dollar and both are risk free. Temasek bonds give better... 30 Sep 2020, View: 115. Restricted

Elon Mask said that Tesla is projected to sell 20 million cars in 2030. This compares with a projection of 500,000 cars in 2020. See this report:  Is this projection achievable? Tesla is ex... 29 Sep 2020, View: 110. Restricted