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I studied Gilead Science and Moderna a few months ago and decided to invest in Gilead Science. At that time, Gilead Science was profitable, has a PE ratio that was quite low and a good dividend yie... 18 Sep 2020, View: 101. Restricted

My friend is sad. He had invested in Citibank. It crashed 15% in 2 days. He lost money. I told him - it is okay. The price drop is temporary. It is due to one bad news - a big mistake made due to r... 16 Sep 2020, View: 103. Restricted

Someone asked - Mr. Tan, how much did you make from Tesla stock? I will give the answer - not only for Tesla, but for my active portfolio. I started an active portfolio two years ago. I used the... 16 Sep 2020, View: 118. Restricted

I like the fundamentals of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). My friend told me that he invested in China Construction Bank (CCB) for many years. I studied the financials of both ban... 10 Sep 2020, View: 117. Restricted

I was bullish on Tesla when it was at $200 (USD) and on the way to $300 ($1,000 to $1,500 before the split). I held a long position. Above $300, I felt that the price was too high. But I still held... 10 Sep 2020, View: 121. Restricted

I wish to give an analysis of Raffles Medical Group. About 10 years ago, I invested in this stock for a year and made a modest profit. Since then, I did not have any shares in this company. The fou... 08 Sep 2020, View: 124. Restricted

In a recent analysis of global banks, I indicated my personal preference to invest in the stock of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China. It has a price earning ratio of 6.06 times, a divi... 05 Sep 2020, View: 130. Restricted

Here is a Zoom recording of the 70 minute Chat with FISCA president. During the chat, Tan Kin Lian explain the articles posted recently in the FISCA website an answered questions from the participa... 05 Sep 2020, View: 43. Restricted

Tesla closed at $418 on 4 September 2020. It dropped to $402 after market. I just closed a short position in Tesla at a small loss. What is the prospect for Tesla going forward? There are two po... 05 Sep 2020, View: 113. Restricted

My friend invested in Citibank and Bank of America. He asked me to give my views on these shares.  I decided to analyze several international banks. The financial figures are shown in the c... 03 Sep 2020, View: 130. Restricted