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Someone asked if I would buy Amazon shares. I replied - cannot. PE ratio is 82 times and no dividend yield. The price is 4 times of its "real value". Hey, this is just my opinion of "real value". I... 18 Jan 2020, View: 2

Three days ago, I bought 20,000 shares in Country Garden. It dropped 3%. Yesterday, I placed an order to buy 10,000 shares at HKD 12.00 after I saw a forecast from an analyst that the property mark... 18 Jan 2020, View: 2

The big tech stocks in America have an average PE ratio of 50 and a dividend yield of 1%. This means that the current price is 2 times of a fair value for a growth stock, say PE ratio of 25 and d... 12 Jan 2020, View: 3

Someone was worried that readers may follow my posts and think that it is easy to make money by investing in shares. If these people are so idiotic, they deserve to lose their savings. Investi... 05 Jan 2020, View: 7

My friend has an interesting strategy for investing. He said - what what Temasek and GIC are doing and do the opposite. When they buy, you sell. When they sell, you buy. He said that he had obser... 02 Jan 2020, View: 6

A reader was impressed with the profit that I achieved on my speculative portfolio. He asked if I can give a talk on investing. He will be interested to attend. He had invested before, and lost money ... 04 Dec 2019, View: 14

HDB charges an interest rate of 2.6% on mortgages. The banks charge a lower interest rate.  Why is this the case? Is it better to take a loan from the bank or from the HDB? The interest rat... 25 Nov 2019, View: 52

A policyholder asked me if he should keep the life annuity or encash it and re-invest the money in another investment. Here is my suggestion. The life annuity provides a monthly return of $500 (... 26 Aug 2019, View: 24

Prior to 1999, the blue chip shares in Singapore were separated into local tranche and foreign tranche for trading in the stock exchange. The local tranche can only be held by local entities. The fo... 14 Aug 2019, View: 12

The phone call that ruined Mohammed Hoque’s life came in April 2014 as he began another long day driving a New York City taxi, a job he had held since emigrating from Bangladesh nine years earlier. ... 25 Jun 2019, View: 4