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A retiree invested $250,000 with a bank. She lost 95.5% of the investment. The value of her investment is now $11,200. What type of investment is this? PERPETUAL SECURITIES? Some people specu... 14 Feb 2019, View: 16

In this article, I will explain why you should invest in an index fund and how you can go about doing it. First, what is an index fund? It is a fund that is invested in the big listed companies in ... 26 Jan 2019, View: 21

Dear Mr. Tan Who pays the agent's commission on renewal of the lease on a property - the owner or the tenant? REPLY The property agent usually ask for one month's commission for a two year lease ... 18 Jan 2019, View: 10

A month ago, I invested about $150,000 in some speculative shares in Hong Kong, Singapore and America. These are speculative investments that have to be closely monitored. I bought these shares bec... 17 Jan 2019, View: 16

Dear Mr. Tan What would be your advise if I have a fixed sum of money that I hope to turn into a retirement fund, just like what CPF Life is doing. I have already max out both my wife and... 16 Jan 2019, View: 19

HI Mr Tan A property agent has recommended that I buy a resale HDB (about .$450 k) for investment.  Even if it depreciates to zero, I can rent it out after the minimum occupatio... 20 Nov 2018, View: 151

When you invest in an property, you should avoid those that comes with a guaranteed return for the initial years. The developer usually adds the cost of the guarantee to the purchase price.  F... 19 Nov 2018, View: 31

If your share is worth $2 and the company wants to give a 1 for 1 rights issue at $1, what should you do? First, you must be aware that the share price, after the rights issue, will adust to $1.50.... 08 Nov 2018, View: 62

Hi Mr Tan , I was on vacation. When I came back and open my letterbox , there was a letter to apply for the company’s rights which I am entitled to . However the closing date already expired. T... 07 Nov 2018, View: 35

Mr. Tan, My wife went to Bank M as her fixed ďeposit has matured.  The bank officer asked her to open a  new Saveup account which will give her interest at 3% per annum.   Sh... 15 Oct 2018, View: 71