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My first tip on financial planning is to save regularly. You should save 15% of your monthly income.  This tip applies to you, regardless of your income level. This saving is on top of your co... 31 Oct 2019, View: 195

CNBC has a recent article on investing legend Jack Bogle's 6 best money and career tips for young people. Jack Bogle is the found and retired chief executive of Vanguard Group which owns the l... 06 Apr 2017, View: 40

According to this article, here are 11 things that you should not pay for, but probably are spending money on them.    1. Gym Memberships 2. Newspaper 3. Cable TV 4. Long Distance... 05 Apr 2017, View: 60

The Off Peak car scheme allows the owner to enjoy a rebate of $17,000 when they purchase a new car and a $500 discount on the road tax. There is a total saving of $22,000 over the 10 year ownership of... 01 Apr 2017, View: 23

Moneysmart has posted an article on 4 Super Common Money Wasters in Singapore today and here are the key summaries of the article. 1) Singaporeans are splurging on lottery tickets with high hopes o... 31 Mar 2017, View: 44

There is an article from the moneysmart website that entails the pros and the cons of using a credit card.  A brief summary of the key points of the articles are as follows, 1) You are ab... 29 Mar 2017, View: 29

Recently, there is an article from dollarsandsense that highlights three important things to note before heading to the money changer. A brief summary of the key points are: 1) It is important t... 23 Mar 2017, View: 38

Most people save what is left over, after they have spent what is needed from their salary. This wise man advised people to set aside their savings first. Here is the story of the richest man in ... 12 Mar 2017, View: 68

I met an English man two years ago. He married a Singaporean and now lived in Singapore.  He told me that he would be visiting the UK to see his uncle. The uncle was in his late 50s and was te... 12 Feb 2017, View: 210

This couple spends $100,000 on a wedding and ends up with a large debt that caused them a lot of distress. They share their story to warn others to avoid making the same mistake.  http://ne... 14 Mar 2016, View: 162