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A consumer sent me the benefit illustration and asked if it offers a good return. The consumer, age 65 male, invests a single premium of $300,000 and receives a guaranteed monthly annuity of $1,181... 23 Aug 2017, View: 410. Restricted

Dear Mr Tan, Recently I enquired about a 12.45% interest, 6-year structured deposit as advertised by OCBC bank. The OCBC staff who attended to me explained that not only is the capital guaranteed aft... 24 Apr 2017, View: 282. Restricted

Mr Tan, Can I solicit your advice on this product? My Citi RM is trying to get me interested in this product. My experience from 2007-2008, has made me wary of RM's foisting financial products on u... 06 Apr 2017, View: 80. Restricted

The policyholder took the policy at age 44 and is required to pay an annual premium of $6,273 for 14 years until age 58. From age 63, the policyholder receives an annual income that comprise of a g... 05 Apr 2017, View: 49. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan  I have a similar pIan (to the Friend Provident Global Advance plan) and a similar experience. I have since cancelled the plan, incurring a tremendous loss of 5 figures. I told... 05 Apr 2017, View: 68. Restricted

A policyholder send this Benefit Illustration to me. She was very angry that the independent financial adviser did not explain to her the charges under this plan.  She approached a private ban... 03 Apr 2017, View: 118. Restricted

The Aviva MyCare policy is a life insurance policy that provides for long term care. The policyholder, age 43, pays a premium of $564 a year for the whole of life.  When the policyholder becom... 30 Jan 2016, View: 372. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan I want to seek your independent advice about the Infinite VIP from Tokio Marine. It is recommended to me by an agent. The plan requires me to invest a single premium of $133.350. Af... 23 Mar 2015, View: 31. Restricted

  1.  The guaranteed payout of $5,250 a year over 10 years for a single premium of $50,000 gives a yield of 0.47% p.a. This is extremely low.   2. The projected payout of $6,97... 01 Jan 2015, View: 23. Restricted

RATING: AVOID This is an investmentĀ link policy. The Benefit Illustration (see PDF below) shows a monthly premium of $100 invested in the Asia Growth Fund. The insurance amount payable on death,... 10 Nov 2013, View: 150. Restricted