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I hold 90,000 shares of Cosco Shipping Holdings at an average cost of HK$13.28. The current price is $8.23. There is a dividend of $2.20 that is payable this month, giving me a value of $10.43. My hol... 07 Dec 2022, View: 215.

This 1 hour video of my talk is available to the public for $10.  It is provided free for FISCA members. Click here... 06 Dec 2022, View: 27.

Here are the reasons why I invest most of my funds in China stocks. 1. Discount in Hong Kong I can buy many good quality stocks in HKSE at a discount to the prices in Shanghai. The discounts are C... 05 Dec 2022, View: 364. Restricted

The recently retired CEO of Temasek Holdings said that the fund adopts a "contrarian" approach towards investing. She made this reference in reply to questions about how TH decided to invest in FTX. ... 05 Dec 2022, View: 201. Restricted

I hold 150,000 shares of Top Glove at an average cost of $0.60. The current price is $0.26. I am seeing a paper loss of $51,000 (SGD). The highest price of TG wsa $2.66. The stock price had dropped... 05 Dec 2022, View: 250. Restricted

I hold 43,500 shares of Kerry Prop at average cost of HK$20.21. My total investment is HK$ 879,000 (S$154,000). At the current price of $15.06, I suffer a loss of 25% or S$38,000. The fundamenta... 16 Nov 2022, View: 304. Restricted

Grab is involved ride hailing, food delivery and financial services in several countries in South East Asia.  Its highest price in January 2021 was $13.90. The current price is $2.96. The pric... 15 Nov 2022, View: 323. Restricted

I do not own any share in Uber.  They operate a ride hailing and food delivery service in many cities around the world. Based on their latest financial report, they make a loss of $3.33 per sh... 15 Nov 2022, View: 251. Restricted

My friend asked for my views about this stock. It pays an attractive dividend yield of 5.85%. I studied the financials of this stock at the Yahoo Finance website. Link I extracted the financials... 14 Nov 2022, View: 752. Restricted

I invested $511,978 SGD in 2 China tech stocks (Alibaba and Baidu). I bought the stocks when they dropped about 35% below the 52 week high.  The stocks dropped by a further 30% since I bought ... 14 Nov 2022, View: 267. Restricted

Six months ago, a friend asked for my advice about a crypto product. He invested in the product and asked for my opinion if it is a good investment.  I asked him for a brochure that describes ... 13 Nov 2022, View: 218. Restricted

Over a period of 6 weeks from 23 Sep 2022 to 3 November, I bought 630,000 shares of Country Garden at an average price of HK 1.59 for a total investment of $175,747 SGD. At the worst point on 3 Nov... 11 Nov 2022, View: 435. Restricted

One year ago, the stock price of Meta (Facebook) was $345, giving a market cap of $857 billion. The stock price dropped by 72% to the current price of $96. The market cap dropped to $240 billion.&n... 09 Nov 2022, View: 123. Restricted

The stock price of PayPal dropped by 73% over the past year, from $233.0 to $86.2. This is a large drop, relative to the whole market.  At the current price, the trailing PE ratio is 47.89 and... 30 Oct 2022, View: 290. Restricted

For many years, I had advised people to stay with the HDB loan, rather than move towards the bank loan. The lower interest rate from the bank loan is based on the low interest rate environment. This w... 27 Oct 2022, View: 191. Restricted

Many people invested in REITS (real estate investment trust) as they comprise of several properties. The REIT gives the rental income, net of management expenses. The return was about 4% per annum.&nb... 26 Oct 2022, View: 340. Restricted

30 year US treasury bond yield 2% at the start of 2022. 10 months later, the yield jumped to 4.23%. The bond price dropped by 38%. For the same period, Nasdaq dropped by 33%, Dow Jones Industrial b... 26 Oct 2022, View: 194. Restricted

The table below compares the premium rate for the integrated plans for non-subsidized wards (in public hospitals and private hospitals).  I calculated the total premium for age 61 to 90 and sh... 25 Oct 2022, View: 328. Restricted

The table below compares the premium rate for the integrated plans for non-subsidized wards (in public hospitals and private hospitals).  I calculated the total premium for age 31 to 90 and sh... 25 Oct 2022, View: 231. Restricted

The 20th congress of the Communist Party of China was concluded on 23 Oct 2022. A new team of leaders was appointed.  China released the 3Q economic results soon afterwards. They were delayed ... 24 Oct 2022, View: 705. Restricted

Singaporeans are caught in a dilemma.  They are advised to stay with Medishield Life, as the premium is affordable. However, Medishield Life only covers hospital treatment in subsidized wards.... 24 Oct 2022, View: 322. Restricted

Due to the hike in interest rate, the tech stocks have suffered large losses during the past 6 and 12 months.  For the past 12 months, the largest drops were Zoom (-72.38%), Spotify (-65.28%),... 20 Oct 2022, View: 183. Restricted

I hold 7,000 shares of Baidu at an average cost of HK$ 156.2. The current price is $98.8 giving me a loss of HK$ 396,000 (SGD $71,700). This article by Zachs Equity Research compares the fundamenta... 18 Oct 2022, View: 433. Restricted

Tesla hit a market cap of $1,200 billion on 1 Nov 2021. It has since dropped by 44% to $673 billion. The key reasons for this sharp drop are: a) Elon Musk purchase of Twitter for $44 billion. Th... 14 Oct 2022, View: 346. Restricted

Most people have the impression that motor insurance is unprofitable for the insurance companies in Singapore. This is not the case.  The table below shows the results for eight companies that... 10 Oct 2022, View: 217. Restricted

Many people are alarmed by a few cases of HDB flats being sold for over $1 million. They worry that the HDB flats are no longer affordable.  They should not be distracted by these exceptional ... 05 Oct 2022, View: 29. Restricted

A policyholder consulted me. He bought a life insurance policy from company X for his daughter many years ago. A life insurance agent from company Y advised him to stop the policy when the daughter re... 29 Sep 2022, View: 246. Restricted 20 Sep 2022, View: 24. Restricted

Why is the property market in Singapore still strong, when stock markets in Singapore and around the world have collapsed by more than 30%? I share my views. It is a matter of time. It takes som... 20 Sep 2022, View: 900. Restricted

Country Garden is the largest or the second largest developer in China. I bought the shares 5 years ago at a price above HK$10 and sold the shares at a small profit. The stock price has since ... 20 Sep 2022, View: 401. Restricted

A year ago, my friend asked for my view about Ping An Insurance. I told him that I prefer to invest in PICC Property & Casualty (2328.HK) as it is undervalued and offer a better return.  T... 25 Aug 2022, View: 237. Restricted

Once in a while, someone will ask for my views whether stock X is good for investing. I suggest that they should go to Yahoo Finance and get the key data and news for stock X. If they prefer anoth... 24 Aug 2022, View: 32. Restricted

... 23 Aug 2022, View: 18. Restricted

... 23 Aug 2022, View: 22. Restricted

... 23 Aug 2022, View: 22. Restricted

I hold 40,000 shares of Senseonics (SENS) at an average cost of $2.32 USD. It closed on 2 August at $1.28. I had a paper loss of $41,600. I observed that SENS stock price jumped up 20% on 3 Au... 04 Aug 2022, View: 301. Restricted

A customer (60 yo) bought a retirement policy from Tokio Marine. He has to pay a premium of $10,000 a year from 5 years.  From age 65, the retirement policy has a cash value of $50,000. The po... 29 Jul 2022, View: 360. Restricted

Singapore Airlines reported a net profit of S$387 million for the first quarter of 2022 (end June). See report.  If this is annualized for 1 year, the net profit will be $1.5 billion. The curr... 29 Jul 2022, View: 474. Restricted

I owned 500 shares of Tesla previously and sold them on the way down. My last 200 shares were sold at $670 USD.  I bought back 200 shares at $825. So, I made a loss of $31,000 on the repurchas... 23 Jul 2022, View: 754. Restricted

The six US tech stocks shown below had dropped by an average of 39.4% since its peak during the past 52 weeks.  The largest drop is Meta (58.4% drop) and the lowest is Apple (24.1%) Is it time... 02 Jul 2022, View: 550. Restricted

My friend asked my advice on the following case. a) His relative, aged 50, bought a life insurance policy. The annual premium represents more than 20% of the annual income. The policy has a 50 year... 26 Jun 2022, View: 1188. Restricted

TSM is the leading manufacturer of advanced chips in the world. It benefited from the sanctions imposed by America on China chip companies, which are their competitors. The manufacturers who need the ... 19 Jun 2022, View: 35. Restricted

I invested $475,000 SGD in 3 China tech stocks, namely Alibaba, Baidu and SMIC. They show a loss of 22.2% or $105.000. These stocks are on average about 50% down from their peak prices during the p... 18 Jun 2022, View: 420. Restricted

I invested a total of $257,000 SGD in this stock. This comprised of a portion listed in America (under EDU) and another portion listed in Hong Kong (under 9901.HK). At the worst point a few weeks e... 17 Jun 2022, View: 332. Restricted

My friend is active in investing in the global stock market.  He asked for my view about the expected hike in interest rate by the US Fed. A few weeks ago, the market was expecting an increase ... 15 Jun 2022, View: 442. Restricted

I invested S$233,000 in this stock. I held 53,100 shares listed in Hong Kong and 5,000 ADR (equivalent to 50,000 shares) listed in New York. My average cost was US$17.5. The stock price dropped to ... 15 Jun 2022, View: 215. Restricted

Tesla's stock price dropped 9.22% to $903.55 on the close of 3 June 2022. This sharp drop was a reaction by investors to a Reuters report that Tesla planned to reduce its workforce by 10%. The investo... 05 Jun 2022, View: 724. Restricted

Non fungible token (NFT) uses blockchain technology to create a unique record. A person can create a NFT to represent any asset and sell it to a buyer for a large sum of money. The buyer buys the NF... 03 Jun 2022, View: 27. Restricted

Cathie Wood of ARK invest did extremely well in 2011. Her ETF funds were the top performers globally.  I agreed with her bullish assessments of Tesla. I followed her on several genomic stocks ... 30 May 2022, View: 531. Restricted

My approach towards investing can be summarized by one key principle - to invest in undervalued stocks.  They fall in the following categories: a) Blue chip stocks with price earning ratio ... 30 May 2022, View: 546. Restricted

It is important for the policyholder to pay special attention to the terminal bonus.  Some insurance companies increased the terminal bonus by a large amount on the 20th or 30th anniversary of... 28 May 2022, View: 330. Restricted

Mr. Y received a post sale benefit illustration (PBSI) for his policy in 2014 and an updated one in September 2021.  There was a big difference in the surrender value for the 30th anniversary,... 28 May 2022, View: 41. Restricted

Mr. Y received a post sale benefit illustration (PBSI) for his policy in 2014 and an updated one in September 2021.  There was a big difference in the surrender value for the 30th anniversary,... 28 May 2022, View: 13. Restricted

I invested a total of HKD 1,862,460 (SGD 323,605) in Alibaba and Baidu. I bought the shares at a price of 43% and 22% lower respectively, compared to the 52 weeks high for these stocks. Based on th... 27 May 2022, View: 561. Restricted

I suggested to a policyholder to write to the insurance company to ask for an explanation of the drop in the surrender value.  Dear  My name is xxxxxxxx. I bought a life insurance poli... 27 May 2022, View: 255. Restricted

Mr Y bought a life insurance policy 30 years ago and paid an annual premuim of $2,794.  He obtained a post sale benefit illustration (PSBI) in Sept 2021. It showed a cash surrender value on th... 27 May 2022, View: 488. Restricted

We are experiencing a bear market.  The stock prices keep falling, way below their fair values. What is happening? Many investors hold stocks on margin or leverage. When the stock prices... 25 May 2022, View: 1239. Restricted

I analyzed the China stocks that I have invested in currently, or in the past.  I present these stocks in the order of the forecast PER. This is based on the projected EPS of analysts covering... 22 May 2022, View: 711. Restricted

I just bought 20,000 shares of Sembcorp Industries at $2.93. The stock price was at a low of $1.85 on 13 Sep 2021. It has increased by 58% over the past 8 months.  The increase in stock pri... 19 May 2022, View: 419. Restricted

Dear Mr Tan I would like to seek your advice on this 3 yrs saving plan. Is this a good plan? REPLY Can you ask the insurance adviser, who earns a large commission, to explain this plan to you. ... 18 May 2022, View: 300. Restricted