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About FiSCA

The Financial Services Consumers Association (FiSCA) of Singapore is an independent, non-profit organization set up in April 2009. FiSCA is dedicated to looking out for consumers of financial products and services (such as loans, investments and insurance)


FiSCA's mission is to promote financial education and protect consumers from unscrupulous practices in the financial services industry. We endeavour to raise the level of financial literacy among Singaporeans, and help consumers understand the various types of financial products and services offered in the Singaporean financial market.

FiSCA encourages best practices and combat abuses in the market. As an independent, objective organisation, we seek consumers' active participation to represent consumers' rights and interests in carrying out our work.

We also organize periodic seminars, workshops and other events to provide opportunities for consumers to ask questions, grow their understanding of financial matters, while raising awareness of our cause at the same time.

Office: 24 Sin Ming Lane #02-107, Midview City, Singapore 573970
Contact: 66599611