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Many observers of the stock market saw a drop during May. They came with the slogan - Sell in May and go away. This phenomena occurred in past years. The big fund managers sell their stocks in May ... 15 May 2021, View: 358.

Mr. X had a dispute with the insurance company on the surrender value of his policy. The insurer quoted a surrender value of $57,000. Mr. X argued that it should be $71,000 based on the past sales ben... 14 May 2021, View: 309. Restricted

Tesla's shares have been week for the past two weeks. It faced the challenge that other tech stocks faced, namely: a) Rotation away from growth stocks into cyclical stocks b) Fear of higher inf... 13 May 2021, View: 278. Restricted

Mr. X passed away leaving a daughter who is a minor. Many years ago, he took a life insurance policy with a sum assured above $200,000. He named his sister as the beneficiary. He and his wife was divo... 13 May 2021, View: 319. Restricted

A shareholder of OCBC was surprised to see the price drop after the release of the financial results for 2020. He asked if OCBC performed worse than the peers. I present the financial figures of th... 13 May 2021, View: 466. Restricted

I held 264,000 shares of Cosco Shipping Energy at an average cost of $3.49 HKD. It sold 100,000 shares at $3.99 for a realized profit of $50,000 HKD. I am still holding to 164,000 shares.  I b... 12 May 2021, View: 219. Restricted

I have a large investment in Tesla shares comprising of 400 shares at a cost of $260,000 USD. My average cost per share is $650. The current share price is $617. A month earlier, the price was at $... 12 May 2021, View: 414. Restricted

I track and report my portfolio gain every day. My total portfolio is now at $3,099,000. I have invested cash of $2,540,000. This gives a net gain of $559,000. At the peak a month ago, my portfo... 12 May 2021, View: 256. Restricted

I hold 726,000 shares in Koh Brothers at an average cost of $0.201. The total amount that I invested in this stock is $145,000. At the current price of $0.17, my holdings now shows a loss of $26,00... 10 May 2021, View: 341. Restricted

Tech stocks have high price earning ratios. They are expected to see high growth in the future. In the table below, I show the tech stocks arranged by the forward PE ratio. This is based on the ana... 10 May 2021, View: 274. Restricted

This is another example of insanity. Did Prudential lose $2.5 b... 08 May 2021, View: 106. Restricted

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) plans to transfer its media operations into a non-profit entity. After that, it will have no media operations. It will remain largely a property company. What are its... 07 May 2021, View: 597. Restricted

There is a shortage of semiconductor chips globally. The biggest producers are Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) and Samsung.  China's SMIC (0981.HK) lags behind TSM and Samsung in the latest... 05 May 2021, View: 447. Restricted

My friend used bitcoin to make payments to software developers overseas. He found the transaction cost to the too high. He has changed to pay in bitcoin cash. The transaction fees are: Bitcoin -... 03 May 2021, View: 241. Restricted

In mid 2019, I took a decision to make a large investment in Tesla stocks. One key factor that convinced me was the manufacturing efficiency of the Tesla gigafactories.  I saw a video of their... 02 May 2021, View: 221. Restricted

I hold 4,000 shares of Nano Dimension (NNDM) at $7.58 USD.  The stock opened on 25 April at $9.00, up 10% over the previous close. I gave an order to sell the stock at $9.20. I thought that it... 02 May 2021, View: 152. Restricted

I have $3 million invested in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and American stocks. The key components are: Cash $300,000 Tesla $500,000 Remaining $2,200,000 is invested in about 20 stocks - averag... 01 May 2021, View: 345. Restricted

I bought 6,000 shares of Alibaba (9988.HK) at an average price of HK $242 over 4 months towards the end of 2020. I sold off 3,000 shares at $254 on 25 Feb 2021 and another 3,000 shares at $232 on 1... 27 Apr 2021, View: 362. Restricted

Tesla released its financial results for 1Q 2021 after market close on 26 April. The results exceeded ana... 27 Apr 2021, View: 401. Restricted

Tesla's financial results will be released after the close of the market on 26 April. The EPS (earning per share) for Tesla for 2020 was $0.79. Based on the current share price of $729, the PER (pr... 26 Apr 2021, View: 242. Restricted

I give my views about home insurance - what to cover, and how much premium to pay. When you buy home insurance, you need to consider the following: a) What is the amount of insurance? You hav... 21 Apr 2021, View: 203. Restricted

I present my analysis of REITS and property stocks in Singapore. What is the difference between REITS and property stocks? This is explained in this article 20 Apr 2021, View: 352. Restricted

Several people asked me why I do not cash out on the profits in my portfolio. Actually, I do cash out and sell the stocks that have gone become overvalued. I reinvest the proceeds in other sto... 20 Apr 2021, View: 361. Restricted

I have $3 million invested in the stock markets in Singapore, Hong Kong and America. What is my investment strategy? a) My primary strategy is to invest in stocks based on long term value. Currentl... 19 Apr 2021, View: 895. Restricted

I saw a news report that several analysts have recommended buying the industrial REITS (i.e. Ascendas, Fraser Logistics and MapleTree) due to the high dividend (above 3.9%) and the likely increas... 19 Apr 2021, View: 475. Restricted

This is how a customer can analyze a cancer insurance policy - is it worth while to buy the policy? Take the following case study. a) The insurance agent recommends a customer to buy a insurance... 18 Apr 2021, View: 229. Restricted

I hold 400 shares of Tesla at a cost of $649. The current price is $739. The value of my stock is $295,000 USD. The gain is $36,000. I want to show my opinion of this stock. (Note - this is just my... 18 Apr 2021, View: 328. Restricted

Someone sent to me the benefit illustration of a 10 year term policy with cancer protection. He asked for my views if he should buy the policy. TKL answer: Can you ask the agent to explain the ben... 17 Apr 2021, View: 167. Restricted

I saw a video conversation where an expert said that gold price is likely to increase and that gold mining stocks should perform better than physical gold. I wanted to know what are the good gold m... 17 Apr 2021, View: 178. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan Should I buy this cancer insurance from NTUC Income? REPLY You must find out the following: 1. How much does the insurance cost? 2. What does it pay to you in the event of a cl... 17 Apr 2021, View: 288. Restricted

The chart below shows the price of gold for 12 months to April 2021. It started slighly below $1,700 USD in April 2020 and increased to $2,050 in August 2020. It dropped over the next 8 months back... 17 Apr 2021, View: 128. Restricted

I bought 2,000 shares of Barrick Gold (GLD) in September at $28.61 USD. It dropped to $18.67 in February 2021. My paper loss was $20,000 USD or 35% of my invested sum. This is a gold mining share. ... 16 Apr 2021, View: 173. Restricted

Coinbase is an exchange for trading crypto currencies. It will listed on 14 April 2021 at a valuation of $100 billion.  However, this article in Forbes gave it a valuation of $20 billion. ... 14 Apr 2021, View: 307. Restricted

In December 2020, when Tesla stock hit $700 USD, I cleared off all my holdings. I felt at that time that Tesla had reached the top end of its value.  I had sold off a little too early. Tesla c... 14 Apr 2021, View: 246. Restricted

The ride hailing platform GRAB will be listing its shares in New York through a SPAC (special purpose acquisition company). Here are some details about the listing.  https://www.straitstimes.c... 14 Apr 2021, View: 743. Restricted

I hold the following shares: 400 shares of Tesla at US $649 = $259,000 500 shares of Nio at US$ 52.8 = $26,400 These shares were held over the past one month. I have confidence in Tesla due ... 13 Apr 2021, View: 306. Restricted

An exchange traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund that is created by an asset manager and is traded on an exchange. Some ETFs are index fund that is created to mirror the performance of a market ... 13 Apr 2021, View: 334. Restricted

I held the following stocks of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding  Cash - 110,000 @$1.20 SRS - 70,000 @1.20 The financial results for 2020 was recently released. The revenue and profit dropped somew... 08 Apr 2021, View: 298. Restricted

JD.Com is an e-commerce company in China, second only to Alibaba. It does not face the regulatory issues that plague Alibaba. Alibaba controls 59% of the market in China. JD controls 17%. JD is a l... 07 Apr 2021, View: 364. Restricted

Cosco Shipping Energy released its 2020 financial results on 30 March. The net income (i.e. profit) for 2020 increased to HK $2,381 million from $413 million for 2019. Based on the increased pro... 06 Apr 2021, View: 281. Restricted

Telsa reported delivery of 185,000 vehicles during the first quarter of 2021. This beat market expectation of 170,000 vehicles.  The stock price jumped from $660 (USD) to $690 on the first tra... 06 Apr 2021, View: 323. Restricted

Tesla's reported strong delivery during the first quarter of 2021that beat estimates by analysts by a wide margin. 184,800 vehicles were delivered compared to analyst estimate of 168,000. http... 03 Apr 2021, View: 300. Restricted

I helped a friend to invest $150,000 in a few China stocks for the long term. These stocks have a price earning ratio of less than 10 times, a dividend yield of more than 4%. They are blue chip compan... 02 Apr 2021, View: 230. Restricted

There are two stocks listed in HK and USA Baidu - 9888.HK and BIDU Alibaba - 9988.HK and BABA Each stock listed in USA is equivalent to 8 shares listed in HK. The exchange rate between USD and... 02 Apr 2021, View: 149. Restricted

This Today article explains the quarrel between the Life Insurance Association and the Singapore Medical Association over the use of exclusive panels for submitting claims under the integrated plans. ... 31 Mar 2021, View: 292. Restricted

Someone suggested that I should take profit on the stocks that have appreciated in value. If I keep fully invested, I will be exposed to a market crash that will take away all of the profit and result... 30 Mar 2021, View: 574. Restricted

The market value of my China stocks is $1,496,000. Of this sum, $66,000 (4,4%) is unrealized gain and the remainder is my cost. Most of the stocks (apart from the technology stocks) have a divide... 30 Mar 2021, View: 210. Restricted

I hold $602,000 USD in growth stocks. It now showed a unrealized loss of $132,000 or 22% from my cost. Many of the stocks are now at 45% below their recent peak prices.  Of the above, $190,000... 30 Mar 2021, View: 266. Restricted

I have invested in Tesla for the past two years and made a large profit of over $300,000 USD. I sold off all my Tesla shares in December when the price went above $750. It reached $900 in late January... 28 Mar 2021, View: 489. Restricted

China has the largest market for electric vehicles. This market shows huge growth due to government incentives and the economic growth of China. A few friends watch videos about NIO and Li Auto. Th... 28 Mar 2021, View: 444. Restricted

This table shows the blue chip stocks in Singapore, China and America for each industry. Which stocks will you buy?... 27 Mar 2021, View: 88. Restricted

I bought 20,000 shares of Geely Auto at average of $22.80 HKD prior to the release of the 2020 financial results. The results showed a drop of about 24% in net income. This was expected. http... 26 Mar 2021, View: 166. Restricted

Two weeks ago, I bought 30,000 shares Capitaland for my SRS account at $3.31. Later, I added another 39,100 shares at a higher price. The stock price has now moved up to $3.84. As this is quite clo... 26 Mar 2021, View: 277. Restricted

Hongkong Land released its preliminary financial results for 2020 on 11 March.  I find this report to be useful. 26 Mar 2021, View: 183. Restricted

My friend said that he will vote against the restructure of Capitaland as the deal is not fair to retail shareholders. He said that Temasek will get the development business for free. I do not know... 26 Mar 2021, View: 172. Restricted

I had 30,000 shares in Hongkong Land a month ago. I sold 20,000 shares recently and now hold 10,000 shares.  From the price chart, I saw that my sale was the right decision. I expect the ne... 25 Mar 2021, View: 146. Restricted

Capitaland will be restructured later in 2021. The existing shareholders will get shares in a new structure, called CLIM (Capitaland Investment Management) which will operate like a REIT. I expect ... 24 Mar 2021, View: 173. Restricted

I hold 40,000 shares in Capitaland in my cash account and 30,000 shares in my SRS account (bought just a week ago). It traded at $3.31 before being suspended pending an announcement. According to t... 23 Mar 2021, View: 425. Restricted

I bought 10,000 Geely shares at $24.35 (HKD). The total invested sum is about $42,000 (SGD). It closed 1% lower.  Geely is a big car manufacturer in China. Their main sale is in conventional c... 22 Mar 2021, View: 172. Restricted

I bought 180,000 shares of China Suntien at average of $2.42 during the past two weeks. The price has gone up 21% to $2.94. My investment had appreciated by $93,600 (SGD 16,000). China Suntien is a... 22 Mar 2021, View: 230. Restricted