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I bought four stocks for $182,000 USD - Palantir, Baidu, Tesla and Nio. Based on the closing price, I made a small profit of $4,741. I sold two stocks bought the night before for $68,700 USD - Nano... 25 Feb 2021, View: 338.

I have read many online posts that criticized Temasek Holdings for speculative and bad investments.  I do not agree with most of these posts. It is not fair to pick a bad investment and to ... 24 Feb 2021, View: 187.

Dear Mr. Tan Someone recommended me ( 62 years old) to buy the AIA Power Critical Cover. It covers 150 conditions for ALL stages. For $50k sum assured the premium is $4899pa. There is a multi ... 24 Feb 2021, View: 344.

I made the following bad investments in US stocks. The total amount invested is $647,000 USD and the total loss is $130,369 (20.1%). Some of the holdings are for long term strategic reasons, i.e. G... 24 Feb 2021, View: 590.

The US market suffered a big crash when it opened on 24 Feb 2021. Some of the hot stocks that I invested previously (but have since sold off) dropped by more than 30%. They included NNDM, BNGO, SENS a... 24 Feb 2021, View: 316.

Dear Mr. Tan Do you have a program where we follow you in buying stocks . You buy we buy and when you sell , we also sell ? The rationale is I am retired but no knowledge of stocks .  Reply... 22 Feb 2021, View: 464. Restricted

Recently, I invested in two stocks that are involved in increasing food production to feed a glowing world population. AquaBounty (AQB).  This company produces genetically modified salmons ... 21 Feb 2021, View: 318. Restricted

I have success in adopting the following strategy to pick the hot stocks. * I follow the hot stocks that are covered by several YouTubers. * I follow the chart showing tremendous growth in ... 21 Feb 2021, View: 320. Restricted

I realized a profit of $91.743 USD in health care stocks during January and February 2021. I carried an unrealized loss of $42,981, giving a net profit of $48,852. My profitable stocks are BNGO, SE... 20 Feb 2021, View: 220. Restricted

I bought the following shares when they dropped sharply last night. I was able to sell them at a good profit when the prices rebounded. I made a profit of $20,600 USD. I also bought a few other... 20 Feb 2021, View: 559. Restricted