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Mr Tan, My cousin recently went to a specialist in a restructured hospital for her knee problem due to knee cap wear and tear.   The doctor recommended her to go to a private clinic for ste... 15 Oct 2018, View: 13

Mr. Tan, My wife went to Bank M as her fixed ďeposit has matured.  The bank officer asked her to open a  new Saveup account which will give her interest at 3% per annum.   Sh... 15 Oct 2018, View: 51

Hi Mr Tan, I came across this product. Trouble you to give your analytical views.  Is it really that good? 17 Sep 2018, View: 26

Dear Mr Tan, The lease period for a HDB studio apartment is 30 years. Why must the occupant pay everything upfront in order that he can have the keys to the unit. I consider it a 30 years lease fo... 11 Sep 2018, View: 36

Dear Mr Tan, I just want to know whether you are aware that people who buy such unit for 30 years need to paid in full before they can occupy the flat. This is as bad as leasing for 30 years and wors... 03 Sep 2018, View: 40

Hello Mr Tan, HDB homes now the government confirmed  we are lessees. How about executive condominium? Are these people lessees too? REPLY An executive condominium can be sold in the open m... 31 Aug 2018, View: 37

Someone said that in the UK, you can top up 20 years of the lease by paying a small premium. This is the example quoted: "a lease extension of a £250,000 flat in London, with 81 years remaining o... 30 Aug 2018, View: 29

Mr. X allowed his car to move forward at a traffic stop and hit the car in front. The two drivers agreed not to make any claim as the damage was small. A few months later, Mr. X received a letter a... 30 Aug 2018, View: 102

A policyholder bought a PruFlexiCash policy and paid premium of $48,000 over 8 years. She received cash payback of $16,000. The net surrender value now is about $8,000. If she surrender her policy now... 17 Aug 2018, View: 66

My friend told me that a company from the UK had been set up to develop 10,000 acres of land for planting the Musang King durian in Gua Musang. I recalled that Gua Musang is the constituency under ... 06 Aug 2018, View: 35