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Dear Mr Tan, I started off with NTUC Incomeshield (Plan A) since 1995. I am a 66 years old retiree. I upgraded to NTUC Enhanced Incomeshield Preferred with Assist Rider in January 2011 but with exclu... 20 Mar 2019, View: 8

34,000 retail investors are likely to lose up to 90% of their investment in Hyflux preference shares and perpetual securities.  This will be a painful loss.  To make matters worse, som... 18 Mar 2019, View: 3

Dear Mr. Tan I wish to share this experience with my bank. I think that the bank is acting dishonestly. I placed my fixed deposit with them a few years ago. The relationship manager advised me t... 18 Mar 2019, View: 8

Someone made this observation. Investors should not assume that it is safer to invest in bonds compared to stocks. All investments need to be studied carefully.  In the case of bonds, the... 10 Mar 2019, View: 18

Hello Mr Tan, In 2005, I bought a hospital plan for my mother. Though the years, I was able to use my medisave to pay for her annual premium. Lately my insurance agent updated me that I will have ... 08 Mar 2019, View: 20

Mr. X sold his landed property for several million dollars. He had spare cash. He bought two shop units in a suburban mall to earn a rental income. However, the mall was not able to attract regular... 06 Mar 2019, View: 11

Hi Mr Tan, I have quite a few policies, bought for myself, and our 2 children. I am spending more than $X per year on these policies. Is it possible for you to meet me to help me understand what is y... 06 Mar 2019, View: 7

Many people look for a good return with low risk. As they are not familiar with investing, they rely on a financial adviser. But that is usually a bad approach. Why? The financial adviser has to... 02 Mar 2019, View: 8

A retiree invested $250,000 with a bank. She lost 95.5% of the investment. The value of her investment is now $11,200. What type of investment is this? PERPETUAL SECURITIES? Some people specu... 14 Feb 2019, View: 28

At age 55, a consumer bought a life annuity from a private insurance company using money from the CPF special account.  At age 65, he surrendered the life annuity and reinvested the money in&n... 07 Feb 2019, View: 25