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If your share is worth $2 and the company wants to give a 1 for 1 rights issue at $1, what should you do? First, you must be aware that the share price, after the rights issue, will adust to $1.50.... 08 Nov 2018, View: 35

Hi Mr Tan , I was on vacation. When I came back and open my letterbox , there was a letter to apply for the company’s rights which I am entitled to . However the closing date already expired. T... 07 Nov 2018, View: 23

Some people have bad experience buying things online.  They ordered some products that were not delivered.  Some of the sellers used online platforms to scam the buyers. They did not i... 28 Oct 2018, View: 3

Hello Mr Tan, I am currently staying in a 38-yr old HDB flat and is fully paid. I am 44 years old.  As you might know, the price of an old HDB will continue to fall. What would you advise? a)... 26 Oct 2018, View: 127

A policyholder bought a 25 year participating endowment from AIA. She asked for my view.  I looked at the benefit illustration and gave this reply. The important point to consider is shown he... 26 Oct 2018, View: 62

Dear Mr. Tan Please share this information in your website.  Tell your readers to be careful about using plumbers that advertised in the internet with a Google Ad. I encountered a plumbe... 25 Oct 2018, View: 32

Mr Tan, My cousin recently went to a specialist in a restructured hospital for her knee problem due to knee cap wear and tear.   The doctor recommended her to go to a private clinic for ste... 15 Oct 2018, View: 20

Mr. Tan, My wife went to Bank M as her fixed ďeposit has matured.  The bank officer asked her to open a  new Saveup account which will give her interest at 3% per annum.   Sh... 15 Oct 2018, View: 58

Hi Mr Tan, I came across this product. Trouble you to give your analytical views.  Is it really that good? 17 Sep 2018, View: 32

Dear Mr Tan, The lease period for a HDB studio apartment is 30 years. Why must the occupant pay everything upfront in order that he can have the keys to the unit. I consider it a 30 years lease fo... 11 Sep 2018, View: 39