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Dear Mr. Tan I read your post that you bought 200 shares of Tesla. At the price of $1,000 USD per share, the total investment is $280,000 in SGD. I do not have this kind of money. How can I invest... 01 Jul 2020, View: 1

Dear Mr Tan Please see attached table of premium rates from NTUC Income for its IncomeShield Rider Plus 2017, 2018, 2019. I would like to draw your attention to the age group from 51-55. The prem... 24 Jun 2020, View: 1

Praising the government for doing creating a complicated scheme Someone asked for for advice about medical insurance for his family. I suggested that he should stick to Medishield Life, which is provi... 13 Jun 2020, View: 1

Dear Mr. Tan KL, I am aged 49, my wife 45 and have 2 autistic boys aged 20 and 19. None of us have any form of insurance coverage. I wish to get a medical or hospitalization plan to cover me and my f... 13 Jun 2020, View: 2

The US stock market jumped on 29 April 2020 on optimism that the the drug remdesivir is tested to be effective in treating the corona virus. It is manufactured by Gilead Science. The US regulator... 30 Apr 2020, View: 18

Dear Mr Tan, I purchased this policy when I was 25 years old, until age 99. This means: Total 74 years to pay With $2,604.36 annual premium, total output is $192,722.64 till age 99 ... 25 Apr 2020, View: 28

The price of Netflix has increased sharply during the past few months. The lockdown in many countries has led many people to subscribe to Netflix to pass the time. Netflix added 15.44 net new subscrib... 22 Apr 2020, View: 12

Someone asked me if I would buy HSBC shares. It has dropped a lot. I looked at the PE ratio and Dividend Yield and the current price compared to the highest price using the 5 year chart. I would... 21 Apr 2020, View: 8

Dear Mr. Tan  I paid $112,234 for my whole life insurance premium for 34 years, I can get back $170,000 if I surrender the policy, does that mean the yearly yield for this policy is 5.1%? Thank ... 18 Apr 2020, View: 20

Maria May said. Mr Tan Appreciate your reflection. It runs contrary to our State Media but there is a a wide-range of argument whether to pick the rights issue or not. It is understandable dif... 31 Mar 2020, View: 29