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During the talk on selecting shares based on value, a participant asked about Citibank. Here are the relevant information provided by Yahoo Finance. The price earning ratio is 9.51, and the forw... 24 Feb 2020, View: 1

If you trade or invest in stocks, you will find Yahoo Finance to be quite useful. It gives reliable and comprehensive information about shares for you to decide to buy or sell. I have created this ... 14 Feb 2020, View: 6

Hi Mr Tan, What do you think about Gilead science stock, the company may possibly be the only company now in the world which can provide effective cure to Wuhan virus patients? Reply From the cha... 08 Feb 2020, View: 10

I ordered a few samples of devices from manufacturers in China. I was surprised that the shipping cost is very expensive, typically USD $80 per deliver. The fee to pay by PalPal is USD 15. I fou... 04 Feb 2020, View: 29

Most claim officers, including those who have been in the industry for a few decades, carry the wrong mindset towards insurance claims. Whenever an accident or disaster occurs, they get depressed abou... 30 Jan 2020, View: 30

Dear Mr Tan, I read a number of complains about a particular airline not willing to waive cancellation or rebooking penalties for people who want to defer or cancel their trip to Hong Kong (not China... 30 Jan 2020, View: 5

I just bought shares in CapitaRetail China Trust. It is listed in Singapore and is described by DBS bank as a real estate investment trust which invests in income-producing retail properties located m... 29 Jan 2020, View: 24

The share price has dropped by 59% from a high of RM 3.90 in January 2018 to RM 1.61 now. It has no PE ratio, as the company is making a loss. It declared a bumper dividend in 2019 giving a yield of 1... 23 Jan 2020, View: 17

A Bloomberg article reported an analyst view that Malaysian shares should do well in 2020, after suffering a bad year in 2019. A person suggested that I should look at MRCB. It is connected to the ... 23 Jan 2020, View: 10

This article in Bloomberg said that global investors are now eyeing Malaysian assets after a bad year 2019. Click here.  What is a good share in Malaysia to buy? I looked at Maybank, which ... 23 Jan 2020, View: 16