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A friend recently asked me for my thoughts on the current state of the US stock market and economy. It's worth noting that economists and stock market analysts hold varying views on this topic - some ... 24 Mar 2023, View: 373. Restricted

Here is a review of selected auto manufacturer stocks.  The legacy manufacturers, such as Toyota, BMW, Mercedes and Ford have a price earning ratio of about 6 times and an average dividend yie... 23 Mar 2023, View: 119. Restricted

1. An investor bout the AT1 perpetuals issued by Credit Suisse. It offered a coupon of 5%.  His broker told him that the Swiss regulator exercised the non viable clause and wrote off thes... 22 Mar 2023, View: 1201. Restricted

1. I invested $12.4 million HKD ($2.1 million SGD) in 13 Hong Kong stocks (mostly of China companies).  2. These stocks show a loss of $405,000 HKD ($69,000 SGD). I have sold some stocks for a... 05 Mar 2023, View: 714. Restricted

1. DBS has an exposure of $1.3 billion SGD to the Adani Group. The CEO of DBS said that the exposure is "tightly managed" and the bank is not concerned over this exposure. This exposure represents les... 16 Feb 2023, View: 146. Restricted

1. Tesla is the most successful EV (electric vehicle) manufacturer in the world. BYD from China is probably in second place.  2. Which is a better stock to invest in?  a) The market ca... 09 Feb 2023, View: 60. Restricted

This video shows how I trade using a desktop app provided by Tiger Brokers. I find this app to be useful and easy to use.  ... 08 Feb 2023, View: 46. Restricted

1. I opened a trading account with Tiger Brokers and deposited S$10,000 into the account. I converted the SGD into USD in the Windows app.  2. I used the account to buy 20 shares of Tesla (TSL... 08 Feb 2023, View: 423. Restricted

1. I hold 3,000 Tesla shares at an average cost to $213. At the current price of $190, the stock shows a loss of $69,000 USD. 2. A few months ago, I held 1,500 shares at an average cost of $250. Th... 04 Feb 2023, View: 576. Restricted

1. I invested in Alibaba and Baidu after the stocks dropped over 30% from their peak. My total investment was more than $250,000 SGD.  2. The stocks dropped more after I invested. At the ... 03 Feb 2023, View: 65. Restricted

1. I do not own any shares in ComfortDelgro (C52.SI). It runs a taxi operation, public buses and MRT trains. 2. The stock price is currently at $1.20. It dropped by 22% from a 52 week high of $1.53... 02 Feb 2023, View: 576. Restricted

1. I invested HK$ 2,061,000 (S$ 349,000) in 4 China stocks that shows a big discount to the prices in Shanghai. The average discount is 60%. The price in Shanghai is 2.5X of the price in Hong Kong. ... 01 Feb 2023, View: 504. Restricted

1. Noble Group, a commodity trader, faced financial difficulties in 2015 due to declining commodity prices, high debt levels, and concerns over accounting practices. This led to a decline in its ... 31 Jan 2023, View: 52. Restricted

1. Muddy Waters is a well-known investment research and management firm. In 2012, Muddy Waters released a report on Olam International, a multinational agri-business company. The report claimed that O... 31 Jan 2023, View: 43. Restricted

1. The Adani Group is founded by Gautam Adani, who is listed as the 2nd richest man in the world in 2022. 2. Recently, the stock prices of the listed companies in the group have fallen sharply afte... 30 Jan 2023, View: 317. Restricted

1. Prior to 2022, interest rate on fixed deposit and government bonds was quite low. In Singapore, 1 year FD give less than 1% interest. 10 year government bonds give a yield of 2%. 2. Interest rat... 29 Jan 2023, View: 200. Restricted

My invested stocks have made a strong recovery since the start of the rabbit year. From a loss of $400,000 a few months ago, my portfolio now showed a gain of nearly $400,000 recently. This is a tu... 29 Jan 2023, View: 115. Restricted

1. It is difficult to make investment decisions during a period of uncertainty. 2. Towards the end of 2022, it was clear that the global economy faced severe challenges, with the Ukraine conflict, ... 28 Jan 2023, View: 213. Restricted

1. I hold 250,000 shares of ICBC (1398.HK) at $4.41. The current price is $4.26. I am seeing a small loss of 3%. 2. The stock has a PE ratio of 3.79 and a forward PE ratio of 3.45. This implies tha... 27 Jan 2023, View: 373. Restricted

1. I hold 11,000 shares of Baidu (9988.HK) at average cost of $127 HKD. My total investment is $1,420,000 HKD (or $240,000 SGD). 2. The stock now has a forward PE ratio of 14.41 times. It does... 20 Jan 2023, View: 217. Restricted

1. I own 150,000 shares of Top Glove (BVA.SI) at a cost of $0.603. The current price is $0.275 giving me a loss of 54% or S$49,000.  2. Prior to the covid pandemic, the stock price was around ... 20 Jan 2023, View: 368. Restricted

Warren Buffet recently said that banks are a good investment for 2023.  I made a study of the financials for global banks. My findings are: a) The average PE ratio is 10.6 times and dividen... 18 Jan 2023, View: 194. Restricted

I own 170,000 shares of China Petroleum (0386.HK) at an average cost of $3,90 HKD. The current price is $4.02 giving me a small gain.  The PE ratio is 6.28 and the dividend yield is 13.84%.&nb... 17 Jan 2023, View: 150. Restricted

I invested HK$12.8 million (S$2.1 million) in China stocks listed in Hong Kong.  The average PE ratio is 5.78 and the dividend yield is 10.87%.  The prices in Hong Kong are about 30% lower... 11 Jan 2023, View: 223. Restricted

I bought 5,000 shares of Shanghai Junshi (1877.HK) at $41.65 HKD on 9 Jan. The price jumped by 6% to $2.50 the following day.  I bought this stock because it produced a treatment for covid tha... 10 Jan 2023, View: 283. Restricted

I have 15,000 shares of Hong Kong Land (HKL), bought at an average cost of $4.89. It is listed in USD in Singapore Exchange. The current price is $4.82 giving me a small lost of 1.5%. The PE rat... 09 Jan 2023, View: 150. Restricted

It is reasonable for a country to require visitors to buy insurance to cover medical expenses that may be incurred during the visit to the country. The country should arrange the insurance with a l... 09 Jan 2023, View: 160. Restricted

Insurance is good for the community if it is run properly. It performs a useful role in protecting economic losses and generates employment.  It can also be bad for the community if it is run ... 08 Jan 2023, View: 237. Restricted

Insurance is not gambling, as there is an economic loss that needs to be compensated. For insurance to work properly and fairly, the following pre-requisites have to be observed: a) the covera... 08 Jan 2023, View: 210. Restricted

My friend have a strong trust in the integrated health plan. He likes to buy the top plan to cover private hospital and is willing to pay the high premium. He also read the coverage and policy conditi... 07 Jan 2023, View: 194. Restricted

Someone asked me if he should buy travel insurance. I told him that the premium is a few dollars. He can decide whether or not to spend this money. He does not need to ask me. If he wants to spe... 07 Jan 2023, View: 249. Restricted

I hold 15,000 shares of Alibaba (9988.HK) at an average cost of $101.65 HKD. My total investment is $260,000 SGD. At the worse point, I saw a drop of 30% on my holding, giving a loss of $78,000 SGD... 07 Jan 2023, View: 249. Restricted

I hold 130,000 shares of Cosco Shipping Holdings at an average cost of $11.73 HKD. The current price is $7.84 giving me a loss of 33% ($87,000 SGD).  I cannot understand why the stock price is... 07 Jan 2023, View: 407. Restricted

Tesla delivered 1.3 million vehicles in 2022, a growth of 40% over 2021. This growth rate is probably among the highest in the industry. The growth rate for NIO is 34% for 2022. The growth rate f... 05 Jan 2023, View: 213. Restricted

I hold 400,000 shares of China Railway at an average cost of $3.67 HKD. The current price is $4.28, giving me a gain of $60,000 HKD. The PE ratio is 3.15 times and the dividend yield is 5.57%. Thes... 05 Jan 2023, View: 134. Restricted

Many customers like Tesla for the following reasons: a) It has leading battery technology  b) It has great software (to manage the operations) that can be updated "over the air" c)  It ... 05 Jan 2023, View: 264. Restricted

Here are the financial fundamentals of the largest energy stocks - Saudi Aramco, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Shell. All four stocks have a dividend yield of about 3.5%. This is quite attractive.  ... 29 Dec 2022, View: 164. Restricted

I will try to explain why a stock that has a high growth rate (of its revenue and earnings) can justify a higher price earning ratio (PER). I consider a PER of 15 times to be "fair value". The stoc... 29 Dec 2022, View: 375. Restricted

The table below shows the key financial figures for motor manufacturers, ranked by market capitalization (US$) Tesla has a market cap of $344 billion. It dropped by 70% from over $1 trillion a year... 28 Dec 2022, View: 289. Restricted

1. Many analysts have reported on two key reasons for the sharp decline in Tesla stock price this year. a). Elon Musk sold $40 billion of Tesla stock to fund his purchase of Twitter. He now spend... 28 Dec 2022, View: 146. Restricted

Many economists and analysts have predicted the coming crash of the US dollar. The primary driver is the huge deficit of $31 trillion. I want to give my perspective of how this event might occur.... 27 Dec 2022, View: 289. Restricted

1. The following chart shows the gold price for the past 10 years. It was trading around $1,300 USD for several years up to mid 2019.It jumped by 50% to trade above $2,000 by mid 2020. It correct... 27 Dec 2022, View: 183. Restricted

I saw an article that reported tech stocks lost $6 trillion in 2022.  My rough estimate is that the tech stocks lost 33% in 2022, so the current value of the tech stocks is $12 trillion. I am ... 27 Dec 2022, View: 159. Restricted

I have a large investment in China stocks. I monitor the China economy closely.  The China stocks were affected badly by the covid restrictions during 2022. Many of the stocks were underv... 27 Dec 2022, View: 181. Restricted

Singapore introduced liberalization of the retail electricity market on in November 2018. It allowed consumers to choose their retail supplier (from a list of approved suppliers) and to choose betwee... 25 Dec 2022, View: 37. Restricted

I own 3 properties, one is owner occupied and the other two are rented out. My property tax for 2023 increased by 16% compared to 2022. The increase is 13% and 28% for the rented properties and 4% ... 24 Dec 2022, View: 592. Restricted

I hold 2,100 shares of Tesla at an average cost of $251. At the current price of $137, I see a paper loss of $240,000 USD (SGD 324,000). This wiped out most of the profits that I realized on Tesla dur... 22 Dec 2022, View: 904. Restricted

I hold 30,000 shares in Sinopharm. My average cost is HK$21.2. The current price is $20.3. I have a loss of SGD $5,500 on this holding.  Sinopharm hit a low of $14.6 on 7 Oct. It has recovered... 19 Dec 2022, View: 219. Restricted

Treasury bills, or T-bills, are short-term Singapore Government Securities. T-bills are available in short-tenors of 6 months and 1-year. Unlike the SGS bonds, T-bills do not have interest paymen... 12 Dec 2022, View: 291. Restricted

I hold 90,000 shares of China Suntien at an average cost of $6.66 HKD. The current price is $3.20 giving me a loss of 52%. My current loss is $316,000 HKD, or $55,000 SGD. The current price in HKSE... 12 Dec 2022, View: 251. Restricted

I hold 90,000 shares of Cosco Shipping Holdings at an average cost of HK$13.28. The current price is $8.23. There is a dividend of $2.20 that is payable this month, giving me a value of $10.43. My hol... 07 Dec 2022, View: 238. Restricted

This 1 hour video of my talk is available to the public for $10.  It is provided free for FISCA members. Click here... 06 Dec 2022, View: 37. Restricted

Here are the reasons why I invest most of my funds in China stocks. 1. Discount in Hong Kong I can buy many good quality stocks in HKSE at a discount to the prices in Shanghai. The discounts are C... 05 Dec 2022, View: 367. Restricted

The recently retired CEO of Temasek Holdings said that the fund adopts a "contrarian" approach towards investing. She made this reference in reply to questions about how TH decided to invest in FTX. ... 05 Dec 2022, View: 205. Restricted

I hold 150,000 shares of Top Glove at an average cost of $0.60. The current price is $0.26. I am seeing a paper loss of $51,000 (SGD). The highest price of TG wsa $2.66. The stock price had dropped... 05 Dec 2022, View: 252. Restricted

I hold 43,500 shares of Kerry Prop at average cost of HK$20.21. My total investment is HK$ 879,000 (S$154,000). At the current price of $15.06, I suffer a loss of 25% or S$38,000. The fundamenta... 16 Nov 2022, View: 305. Restricted

Grab is involved ride hailing, food delivery and financial services in several countries in South East Asia.  Its highest price in January 2021 was $13.90. The current price is $2.96. The pric... 15 Nov 2022, View: 325. Restricted

I do not own any share in Uber.  They operate a ride hailing and food delivery service in many cities around the world. Based on their latest financial report, they make a loss of $3.33 per sh... 15 Nov 2022, View: 251. Restricted

My friend asked for my views about this stock. It pays an attractive dividend yield of 5.85%. I studied the financials of this stock at the Yahoo Finance website. Link I extracted the financials... 14 Nov 2022, View: 755. Restricted

I invested $511,978 SGD in 2 China tech stocks (Alibaba and Baidu). I bought the stocks when they dropped about 35% below the 52 week high.  The stocks dropped by a further 30% since I bought ... 14 Nov 2022, View: 269. Restricted