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A policyholder sought my advice.  The projected cash value for his policy on the 30th anniversary is $106,800. The current surrender value, which is about half a year before the 30th anniversa... 16 Oct 2021, View: 173.

Dear Mr. Tan, You appear to be doing quite well with your short term trading as well (apart from long term investing in good value stocks). Can you share you tips? Do you use technical analysis? R... 13 Oct 2021, View: 615. Restricted

Someone asked how he can invest in Sinopharm.  So, I made this research.  Sinopharm can be bought from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Its symbol is 1099.HK. It has a historical PE ra... 12 Oct 2021, View: 674. Restricted

I saw this CNN News Alert News Alert: Gas prices skyrocket The cost of energy was dirt cheap in the spring of 2020 as roads and airports sat nearly empty during the height of the Covid-19 pandem... 12 Oct 2021, View: 482. Restricted

I analyzed 4 educational technology stocks in China in this post.  These stocks dropped by over 80% from its peak earlier this year. The drop was caused by the policy of the China government t... 12 Oct 2021, View: 214. Restricted

I want to share my experience of investing in LMIRT, which is a REIT listed in the Singapore Exchange. It owns 30 malls and retail spaces in various cities in Indonesia. I invested in this stock ab... 07 Oct 2021, View: 392. Restricted

I held 170,000 shares in China Petroleum (0386.HK) 2 days ago at an average cost of HK $4.09. I held a larger number of shares previously but had reduced my exposure during the past few months. Ove... 07 Oct 2021, View: 448. Restricted

I held 341,000 shares of Cosco Shipping Energy (1138.HK) at HK $3.31. My total investment was $1,128,000 HKD ($192,000 SGD). I bought this stock because of its low price earning ratio, high dividen... 06 Oct 2021, View: 334. Restricted

Someone asked - do you think buying income fund with about 4% dividend is good investment or invest in REIT? My reply It depends on the assets that are invested by the income fund. If they are h... 06 Oct 2021, View: 662. Restricted

Mr. Tan, You appear to prefer investing in stocks. Is it better to have a balanced portfolio including bonds? Reply The yield on bonds is extremely low. For safe government bonds, the yield is 1.... 05 Oct 2021, View: 447. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan Option Trading, can you share your view? I heard that one does not need as much capital as trading in stocks. One can treat option trading as a secondary income. Reply When yo... 04 Oct 2021, View: 608. Restricted

The educational technology stocks in China dropped sharply, in some cases more than 80%, since the China government imposed restrictions on their operations. The restrictions were aimed at discouragin... 04 Oct 2021, View: 392. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan I congratulate you on your successful trades. You make it seem so easy to make money. But what happens if there is a sharp drop in the stock market? Will you still make money? REPLY ... 28 Sep 2021, View: 586. Restricted

I hold 314,000 shares of Cosco Shipping Energy at $3.31 HKD, giving a total investment of $$1,039,000 HKD ($180,000 SGD). When I bought the stock, it had a low PE ratio, attractive dividend yield a... 28 Sep 2021, View: 249. Restricted

I obtained the following data from the World Bank Volume of trading in stock markets for the respective years: China, 2020, $31 trillion America, 2019, $23 trillion Japan, 2020, $6.3 trillion ... 25 Sep 2021, View: 388. Restricted

In August, I sold all my Kerry Property stock (0683.HK) at HK$25. When the price dropped due to the Evergrande problem, I bought 20,000 KP stock at HK$20.50. KP had low debt to equity of 35% (co... 24 Sep 2021, View: 72. Restricted

I invested in Cassava Science several months ago and made a profit when I sold the stock.  On 9 August 2021, it hit a peak of $122 due to optimism about the trial results of its treatment for ... 22 Sep 2021, View: 428. Restricted

I posted this view about Top Grove (BVA.SI) on 20 September. I said - The PE ratio for the trailing 12 months is 3.10. The forward dividend yield is ... 21 Sep 2021, View: 340. Restricted

I just bought 30,000 shares of Top Grove (BVA.SI) at $0.975. It operates from Malaysia and is the world's largest glove manufacturer.  The current price is 70% below the highest price of $3.18... 20 Sep 2021, View: 756. Restricted

I need your advice. I invested in some PPE/Gloves stocks which were doing very well last year but I didn't sell them. This year they all stumbled to their lowest level because of the introductio... 19 Sep 2021, View: 599. Restricted

The China developer Evergrande issued "wealth management products" which are purchased by their customers and employees. I want to know the details of these products. I suspect that they are lik... 16 Sep 2021, View: 184. Restricted

I invested $84,900 in this stock over the past two years. The current market value is $34,300. I suffered a loss of 60% on my investment. This is perhaps the worst investment that I made. This stoc... 16 Sep 2021, View: 953. Restricted

The property stocks in China dropped sharply in recent months, due to the problem faced by Evergrande. As the company was not able to comply with the three indicators imposed by the government, the... 15 Sep 2021, View: 289. Restricted

I held a short position in Bitcoin at $44,250 on 13 Sept. It increased to $44,950 during the day giving me a loss of $3,500. Around 9 pm, Bitcoin jumped to $46,950, increasing my loss to $13,500 ... 14 Sep 2021, View: 290. Restricted

The education technology stocks in China plunged due to control measures that were recently announced by the China government.  Read this article Here are the financials for 4 edtech stocks... 13 Sep 2021, View: 722. Restricted

Bitcoin reached $53,000 at noon on Sep 7. It crashed to $43,500 at 11 pm. The drop was 18% A bitcoin futures contract is for 5 bitcoins. A speculator who holds 1 long contract sees a drop of $48,000 ... 08 Sep 2021, View: 244. Restricted

Several contractors in the construction industry are in financial difficulty, due to the restrictions imposed to combat the covid pandemic.  Many construction projects were delayed and th... 07 Sep 2021, View: 278. Restricted

I have a positive experience in investing in Kerry Properties (0683.HK). I invested about $100,000 SGD in this stock a year ago.  I was attracted by the low price earning ratio (less than 6 ti... 07 Sep 2021, View: 171. Restricted

I own 100,000 shares of PICC Property & Casualty (2388.HK). My average cost is $6.19 and the current market price is $7.11. My investment now shows a gain of 14.8%. It has a price earning ratio... 05 Sep 2021, View: 434. Restricted

I saw this news from Bloomberg. Bloomberg: There’s never a good time to be a heavily indebted Chinese property developer, but now is certainly worse than most. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pu... 04 Sep 2021, View: 455. Restricted

I have received the letter about my entitlement to the rights issue.  I hold 200,000 shares of Sembcorp Marine (current price is $0.086) and are given the right to subscribe for 300,000 new sh... 03 Sep 2021, View: 612. Restricted

A policyholder received a post sale benefit illustration (PSBI) that shows the total surrender value as $106,830.  A few months later, he recieved an actual quotation from AIA that the net sur... 03 Sep 2021, View: 549. Restricted

I observed that many of the blue chip shares of China moved up strongly during Q4 of past year.  I expect that they will also move up for Q4 of 2021.  China stocks have been weak for t... 03 Sep 2021, View: 350. Restricted

Dear Sir, Is it better to invest in Robo-adviser vs ETF or Reits to beat inflation I am in my early fifties. REPLY Here are my views. 1.  Robo-adviser I have not tried investing wi... 24 Aug 2021, View: 530. Restricted

I wish to give up latest view about Hongkong Land.  It has fallen by 20% over about 6 months, from 10 March to 24 August. What is the reason from this drop? Hongkong Land issued the financi... 24 Aug 2021, View: 535. Restricted

Many people expect a stock market crash. Indeed, the stockmarket has been week for the past week after the US Fed suggested that their monetary policy may change. I hope that the crash does not ... 23 Aug 2021, View: 789. Restricted

I have 500 shares in Tesla. The share price was at $720 USD a week ago. I was waiting for Tesla AI (artificial intelligence) Day on 19 August for the stock price to move up to $800. Instead, the... 18 Aug 2021, View: 498. Restricted

I hold 264,000 shares at an average cost of HK$ 3.37. It closed on 11 August at $2.94. I have an unrealized loss of 13%. This stock reached $4 on early May. It dropped by 27% over the past three mo... 12 Aug 2021, View: 387. Restricted

I trade on Gold and Bitcoin Futures. I follow the daily chart presented by my stockbroker on the trend for Gold and follow it most times (but not always) for my trading. See the chart below. ... 12 Aug 2021, View: 213. Restricted

It caused the stock prices of the tech companies to drop sharply.  It started with Alibaba and moved to other large tech companies. Some investors were disappointed to see the value of th... 11 Aug 2021, View: 463. Restricted

I invested in 171,000 shares of ICBC at an average price of HK$4.89. It went to a high of $5.89 at end March.  Since then, the price of ICBC had dropped to the current price of $4.29. I receiv... 08 Aug 2021, View: 638. Restricted

Sensionics is a startup that is developing a device to monitor the glucose level of diabetics. It is called a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).  I watched a few videos on Youtube that exp... 05 Aug 2021, View: 292. Restricted

Cassava Science (SAVA) is a startup that is developing a cure for Alzheimer's disease. I learned about the stock from the YouTube channels. I invested in the stock earlier this year and sold all my... 05 Aug 2021, View: 237. Restricted

I hold SPH shares. It traded at $1.89 on 1 August before the announcement of the proposed takeover by Keppel Corp. Based on this news report, the takeover will result in each shareholder of 1,... 03 Aug 2021, View: 725. Restricted

I trade bitcoin in the Futures market. Each contract is for 5 bitcoins. It requires a margin of US$100,000 or more.  The price of bitcoin jumped to a high of US$62,000 in mid April 2021. I did... 03 Aug 2021, View: 289. Restricted

Tesla released its financial results for 2Q or 2021 on 26 July, after market closed. The results were excellent, and better than most analysts forecast. The price increased modestly in the after ma... 02 Aug 2021, View: 335. Restricted

I invested in Cassava Science (SAVA) several months ago and made a good profit. Since then, I did not hold any stock. SAVA moved up from $63 (USD) on 1 July to $160 on 28 July - or more than 100%. ... 31 Jul 2021, View: 267. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan, An agent recommended the following life insurnce policy: Insurer NTUC Income My age: 53 yrs old Policy Term till 120 years old Premium Term 1 Year = $106,064.00 Plan Name - Lu... 28 Jul 2021, View: 1230. Restricted

Tesla released excellent results for Q2 2021 after market closed. They were better than expectations from most analysts.  However, the stocked price moved up by only 1% in the after market.&nb... 27 Jul 2021, View: 346. Restricted

Tesla's results were excellent.  Here are two videos  Dave Lee Tesla Daily 27 Jul 2021, View: 121. Restricted

Tesla will be releasing its 2Q 2021 earnings on the close of trading on 26 July. Based on the price movement, the investors are cautious about the results. They probably expect the results to be di... 24 Jul 2021, View: 206. Restricted

Hi Mr. Tan I’ve a question regarding insurance and I wasn’t sure who to go to. Although I’ve insurance agents, I wasn’t sure asking them would help. I thought of you because you’ve extensive experien... 19 Jul 2021, View: 410. Restricted

I am considering a short term speculation in Virgin Galactic. It successfully carried out a launch into outer space with several passengers, including its founder Richard Branson.  Details ... 13 Jul 2021, View: 258. Restricted

I invested about S$1,500,000 in overseas stocks (in Hong Kong and US exchanges). The stockbroker keeps the stocks in their nominee account and collects the dividends (after tax) for me.  Divid... 13 Jul 2021, View: 672. Restricted

Singapore Airlines showed a loss of $ for 2020. It pays a dividend that represents 1% of the current share price of $5.02. The analyst consensus target price is $4.38 a drop of  13%.  ... 13 Jul 2021, View: 617. Restricted

I have bought some shares in Guolian Securities. It has a PE ratio of 10.99 times and a dividend yield of 3.9%. It market capitalization is HK$34 billion. It is in the financial services indus... 12 Jul 2021, View: 229. Restricted

A friend recommended me to invest in this stock.  It has a low PE ratio of 5.38 times and an attractive dividend yield of 9.64%. The trend of the revenue and earnings over the past few years h... 12 Jul 2021, View: 471. Restricted

China is easing its monetary policy. It is pouring more money into the economy and lowering interest rate. Bloomberg article I believe that this will be good for China stocks. I am heavily ... 12 Jul 2021, View: 317. Restricted

I bought 100,000 Sembcorp Marine shares at $0.123. Total cost is $12,300. Why? I think that it is under-valued and over-reacted for the bad news of the impending merger. I have placed an order ... 05 Jul 2021, View: 405. Restricted

Property stocks and REITS are likely to see a rough time ahead.  Watch this news: 04 Jul 2021, View: 551. Restricted