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I invested $700,000 in property stocks in my active portfolio. It now shows a loss of about 10% on my invested sum. My main losses are in Lippo Mall and Koh Brothers. I kept them for their attracti... 19 Jan 2021, View: 108. Restricted

Robotaxis are taxis that do not require a driver. The city of Changsha in China introduced robotaxis a few months ago. Watch this video. In the v... 18 Jan 2021, View: 72.

I have often been asked about the prospects for NIO. In this interview, a knowledgeable person made these important * NIO does not control it's supply chain. * Several of its key features are insp... 16 Jan 2021, View: 105. Restricted

Hong Kong Land (H78.SI) is listed in Singapore (in USD) and in London. It is also listed in London. It is not listed in Hong Kong.  HKL has about half of its assets in Hong Kong (mainly in pri... 15 Jan 2021, View: 94. Restricted

I made this analysis to see if it is attractive to invest in the China telecom stocks.  To have a better comparison, I also get the relevant figures for the telecom stocks in America and Singa... 15 Jan 2021, View: 89. Restricted

I had $700,000 invested in Singapore REITS. I have started to sell $500,000 of the REITS and to keep $200,000. My reasons are: a) The REITS now have an earning yield of about 4% but they pay ... 15 Jan 2021, View: 112. Restricted

My biggest investment in US growth stock was in Tesla (TSLA). I invested in the stock when it was at a modest price. I was convinced about the potential for this stock. I did not invest in it because ... 15 Jan 2021, View: 106. Restricted

I owned the REITS shown below. All of them have a dividend yield of about 5%, which is attractive.  However, I expect the dividend to be cut by at least 20% in 2021, due to the impact of th... 15 Jan 2021, View: 107. Restricted

An individual should invest in an exchange traded fund (ETF) to enjoy exposure to the blue chip shares that are included in the market index. An ETF usually has an expense ratio that is less than 0.5%... 14 Jan 2021, View: 115. Restricted

I hold 60,000 Capitaland stock at an average cost of $3.143. The total investment is $188,000. The stock price was $2.50 at the lowest point on 2 Nov 2020. I held on to the stock as the price to bo... 14 Jan 2021, View: 106. Restricted