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Notice is given that the Extra Ordinary General Meeting (OEGM) of the Financial Services Consumer Association (FISCA) will be held on Mon 4 December 2023, 9 pm to 10 pm by Zoom meeting to approve th... 19 Nov 2023, View: 53. Restricted

The Financial Services Consumer Association (FISCA) is now registered as an association under the Registrar of Societies. The main activity of FISCA is the maintenance of this website, and especial... 03 Oct 2023, View: 51. Restricted

Once in a while, someone will ask for my views whether stock X is good for investing. I suggest that they should go to Yahoo Finance and get the key data and news for stock X. If they prefer anoth... 24 Aug 2022, View: 37. Restricted

... 23 Aug 2022, View: 20. Restricted

... 23 Aug 2022, View: 24. Restricted

... 23 Aug 2022, View: 22. Restricted

... 05 Apr 2022, View: 62. Restricted

Here are the minutes of the AGM held on 18 October 2021.... 18 Oct 2021, View: 72. Restricted

Someone sent me this message through Facebook: Is whole life with critical illness overcharged by insurers? I noticed all insurance plans seem to lose money. After 5 years my plan only wo... 24 Jun 2021, View: 169. Restricted

The AGM was held via Zoom.  The minutes of the AGM are shown below.  ... 21 Nov 2020, View: 48. Restricted

Here are the papers for the AGM... 01 Nov 2020, View: 42. Restricted

... 01 Nov 2020, View: 39. Restricted

NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of FISCA will be held on Saturday 15 June 2019 at 11 am at 24 Sin Ming Lane #02-107 Midview City, Singapore ... 21 May 2019, View: 13. Restricted

This is the FISCA constitution as amended at the AGM held in 2012. The Committee intends to submit proposals to the next AGM to update the constitution to reflect the current practice and to simpli... 03 May 2018, View: 18. Restricted

This is the accounts for FISCA for the year ended 31-3-2018 signed by the Treasurer and Auditor.... 03 May 2018, View: 20. Restricted

... 20 Aug 2017, View: 13. Restricted

Read the PDF below.... 14 Apr 2016, View: 270. Restricted

David joined the Insurance Corporation of Singapore (ICS) in 1997.  In 2000/2001 when ICS was sold to AVIVA Ltd., he moved on to Professional Advisory Services Ltd a licensed Financial Advisory F... 01 Jan 2016, View: 231. Restricted

This new FISCA member wishes to share his personal experience.    1. How I knew FISCA   I get to know about FISCA through a shared post in Facebook about insurance and inves... 15 Jun 2015, View: 203. Restricted

A new FISCA member share his experience of attending the FISCA talks 1. HOW I KNEW FISCA I knew FISCA sometime last year when I was hunting around looking for advice on how to manage my money. ... 11 Jun 2015, View: 167. Restricted

The PDF shows how you can carry out the following tasks after you have logged into the website with your email and password: 1) Update your personal particulars 2) Change your password 3) Res... 16 Jan 2015, View: 6. Restricted

FISCA WEBSITE The website is  The public can view the articles that are posted in the public section of the website. Some articles are reserved for members only. You can click on... 15 Dec 2014, View: 6. Restricted

Dr. Tommy Wong is the author of the books series “Wisdom on How to Live Life”, and many other philosophical, spiritual, and self-help books.  Since 2009, his books are available on Amazon... 22 Jul 2014, View: 197. Restricted

FISCA has a Facebook page, which can be viewed at We encourage all members to "like" this page, so that you will be notified when there are new postings to the pa... 07 Jul 2014, View: 197. Restricted

... 19 Jun 2014, View: 172. Restricted

If you are considering to buy a new life insurance policy, and you wish to have a second opinion, you can send the benefit illustration to me.  I will give you my views and point out the key facts ... 04 Nov 2013, View: 215. Restricted

David joined the industry as an  agent in 1997 and became a Financial Adviser Representative when the Financial Adviser Act was implemented in 2002.   David is currently with Promiseland Independent P... 14 Oct 2013, View: 364. Restricted

Mr. Tan Kin Lian started his insurance career in 1966 in the actuarial department of a local life insurance company.  He has also worked in various positions as a computer programmer, organization and... 15 Sep 2013, View: 164. Restricted

Why Join FiSCA? FiSCA is committed to being an unbiased, up-to-date financial site with quality articles and advice to help improve financial literacy among Singapore consumers. Being a non-profit dr... 13 Sep 2013, View: 136. Restricted

About FiSCA The Financial Services Consumers Association (FiSCA) of Singapore is an independent, non-profit organization set up in April 2009. FiSCA is dedicated to looking out for consumers of fin... 13 Sep 2013, View: 163. Restricted