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My friend said that it is inadvisable to buy products advertised on Facebook or Apple (shown on iPad). They were usually priced at 3 times of similar products that are available on ecommerce websites ... 18 May 2023, View: 48. Restricted

Singapore introduced liberalization of the retail electricity market on in November 2018. It allowed consumers to choose their retail supplier (from a list of approved suppliers) and to choose betwee... 25 Dec 2022, View: 37. Restricted

Member: In the past two decades, I had regularly contributed to the SRS to reduce my tax bracket. Now that I am retired, i would like to know how much i can systematically withdraw from SRS annuall... 18 Jun 2021, View: 685. Restricted

Mr. X had a dispute with the insurance company on the surrender value of his policy. The insurer quoted a surrender value of $57,000. Mr. X argued that it should be $71,000 based on the past sales ben... 14 May 2021, View: 320. Restricted

My friend used bitcoin to make payments to software developers overseas. He found the transaction cost to the too high. He has changed to pay in bitcoin cash. The transaction fees are: Bitcoin -... 03 May 2021, View: 249. Restricted

I ordered a few samples of devices from manufacturers in China. I was surprised that the shipping cost is very expensive, typically USD $80 per deliver. The fee to pay by PalPal is USD 15. I fou... 04 Feb 2020, View: 101. Restricted

Dear Mr Tan, I would like to seek your advise regarding an e-commerce scam which I am experiencing now,if possible. I am currently having a problem with a freelance painter which I've engaged from C... 02 Apr 2019, View: 38. Restricted

An elderly woman had a heart attack. Her children sent her immediately to a private hospital. The cardiologist carried out a stent and bypass operation. The patient was placed on intensive care (ICU).... 02 Feb 2019, View: 40. Restricted

Some people have bad experience buying things online.  They ordered some products that were not delivered.  Some of the sellers used online platforms to scam the buyers. They did not i... 28 Oct 2018, View: 17. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan Please share this information in your website.  Tell your readers to be careful about using plumbers that advertised in the internet with a Google Ad. I encountered a plumbe... 25 Oct 2018, View: 65. Restricted

Mr Tan, My cousin recently went to a specialist in a restructured hospital for her knee problem due to knee cap wear and tear.   The doctor recommended her to go to a private clinic for ste... 15 Oct 2018, View: 51. Restricted

Source SHAWN TOH, DIRECTOR, COMMUNICATIONS, THE LAW SOCIETY OF SINGAPORE PUBLISHED: NOVEMBER 6, 2017 The Law Society refers to the letter “A more neutral platform to handle errant lawyers, fee ... 07 Nov 2017, View: 23. Restricted

Source A living trust is a legal document created by you (the grantor) during your lifetime. Just like a will, a living trust spells out exactly what your desires are with regard to your asset... 03 Oct 2017, View: 70. Restricted

Source 30 hotel booking scams reported this year; and more involving online purchases of tickets to concerts and attractions SINGAPORE - At least 30 people have fallen prey to online hotel booking... 02 Sep 2017, View: 34. Restricted

I agree with the action taken by the government agencies to stop aggressive advertising of expensive formula milk powder. Consumers do not know how to evaluate these nutritional and health claims and ... 11 May 2017, View: 18. Restricted

Recently, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong in his facebook post has claimed that HDB is a "good store of asset value". Channelnewsasia has picked the post up and has released an news pos... 13 Apr 2017, View: 128. Restricted

Marriage comes hand in hand with commitments. Couples need to sort out certain financial issues before getting married. Moneysmart has complied 6 financial issues you have to discuss before the big da... 11 Apr 2017, View: 59. Restricted

Mr. Tan, I want to share with you a bad and unethical practice from bank X. They sold a credit card to me at a mall. I don't really need the card, but the sales person was persistent. I obliged to... 13 Aug 2016, View: 221. Restricted

Before you engage a lawyer, ask the following: a) What is your rate per hour? b) How many hours do you expect is required for this case? Do not accept an answer, "it depends". Ask for an esti... 06 Aug 2016, View: 170. Restricted

Mr Chan's neighbor sold his house. The new owner, Mr Lee, replaced the fence between the two houses without consulting Mr. Chan. He also tiled his garden. Mrs Chan told the new neighbor that when&n... 05 Aug 2016, View: 324. Restricted

I observed that a few criminal and civil cases in Singapore took a few months of hearing.  This must be extremely wasteful of resources for the prosecution, plaintiff and defendant.   ... 07 Jul 2016, View: 152. Restricted

I placed one order with Ali Express a long time ago. It did not leave any impression on me at that time. It was not particularly appealing. Later, I shopped with Q10. I was able to find many produc... 11 Jun 2016, View: 294. Restricted

My friend is taking the keys to his executive condo which has just been completed. He arranged for a surveyor to do an inspection. He will pay a fee for the inspection. As the surveyor is experienc... 06 Jun 2016, View: 498. Restricted

The food court in Thomson Plaza was operated by Kopitiam for many years. One day, I saw different stalls. A new operator, Koufu, had taken over. The convenience store at Yio Chu Kang MRT sta... 25 May 2016, View: 202. Restricted

People across all age groups in India shun buying health insurance because they perceive premiums as high or they believe that insurance companies would not pay claims, revealed a recent health survey... 08 Apr 2016, View: 262. Restricted

Straits Times Online Forum, 22 March 2016 Singapore faces the challenge of preparing our young people for jobs of the future. While a university degree is suitable for some jobs, there are other... 22 Mar 2016, View: 267. Restricted

Our government agencies and banks need to exercise some common sense in the design of their websites.   For online payment, they ask the customer to enter 3 separate fields - Bank, Branch... 21 Mar 2016, View: 241. Restricted

Singapore introduced Medisave, Medishield and Medifund during the 1980s. The government was extremely proud of our "3M" model and wanted to showcase it to the world. Taiwan wanted to introduce ... 17 Mar 2016, View: 261. Restricted

Will a health care system run by the government under a single payor system be more efficient than a system run by private insurance companies that compete against each other? Evidence aro... 16 Mar 2016, View: 245. Restricted

Straits Times Forum Page, 15 March 2016 I agree with the call for the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre (Fidrec) to publish the results of adjudication, and for banks and insurers to ha... 15 Mar 2016, View: 196. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan How are you doing? Found an article from a U.K newspaper - The Telegraph, which i think you may find interesting. U.K banned commissions from financial products a few years ago, and this... 30 Jan 2016, View: 167. Restricted

The proposed reforms for adviser remuneration in the retail life insurance industry include: Maximum total upfront commission of 60% of the premium in the first year of the policy, from 1 July 2... 30 Jan 2016, View: 133. Restricted

By Lorna Tan, Straits Times, 14 July 2015 The AIA insurance scam made headlines late in 2010 as the first case here where an agent... 14 Jul 2015, View: 5. Restricted

Hi Mr Tan, I saw your post on Facebook regarding insurance agent being poorly trained. I absolutely agree with your post. Being an agent myself, I notice several things thought doing agent and produc... 19 Jun 2015, View: 13. Restricted

... 30 May 2015, View: 2. Restricted

  Venue Singapore Management University Date: Saturday, 21 March 2015 Time: 2 to 5 pm Venue: SMU, Bras Basah Road             Seminar Room 3.2 @ Lee Kong Chian School of Business Duration -... 11 Jan 2015, View: 3. Restricted

Hi, Mr. Tan As I am 35 yrs old, do you think I should get a resale HDB or a new HDB? 1. How many rooms shld I get as I don’t earn much only $3k a month. 2. Is now the best time to buy resale HDB ... 11 Jan 2015, View: 8. Restricted

The talk was well attended. 30 attendees paid for the talk before the talk. Another 10 attended the talk and paid the fee on the spot. This was the best attended talk in recent years.   Here are... 11 Jan 2015, View: 2. Restricted

Hi Mr. Tan, I am 23 years old and employed. I bought a Pruflexicash policy (25 years maturity) in  2010. I was a student and was offerred this policy during a road show at Bugis Junction. I am payi... 05 Jan 2015, View: 6. Restricted

BY AW CHENG WEI (Straits Times)   Currently, members who are turning 55 between July 1 this year and June 30 next year have to set aside $155,000 in their Retirement accounts to receive a monthl... 17 Dec 2014, View: 4. Restricted

"Important! Please read: New Debit Credit Card Scam..... This scam is actually very clever. Be very careful. Beware of people bearing gifts. The following is a recount of the incident by the vic... 04 Dec 2014, View: 147. Restricted

Japan has an excellent idea. This should be considered by other countries. It is a good way for parents to start saving for their children an early age and prepapre them financially for the future.  ... 25 Aug 2014, View: 86. Restricted

2/26/2014   Following closely behind Han Fook Kwang's unhappiness about the free hand given to medical insurers to cha... 26 Feb 2014, View: 121. Restricted

Dear Mr Tan, First of all, thank you for providing us commoners the opportunity to ask financial questions and to get reliable advice from you.   I am a foreign student studying in Australia.... 26 Feb 2014, View: 104. Restricted | Monday, 24 Feb 2014 | 11:39 AM ET Warren Buffett says if you want to learn how to make money from the stock market you should look at how he made some money with two small real estat... 25 Feb 2014, View: 125. Restricted

A consumer asked my views regarding the settlement options contained in his life insurance policy. The wordings of the option is contained below. The consumer wishes to exercise one of the options ... 19 Feb 2014, View: 98. Restricted

  By David Kuo | February 19, 2014 Dear Foolish readers, ... 15 Feb 2014, View: 96. Restricted

From Straits Times The Personal Data Protection Commission has censured multiple organisations for breaching the Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry requirements. Investigations started in response to ... 14 Feb 2014, View: 62. Restricted

By Melissa Lin. Straots Times The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) is pushing for travel agencies to take out insurance in the event of sudden closure so that customers are not left in the... 10 Feb 2014, View: 64. Restricted

By Fiona Chan, Straits Times CapitaMall Trust is offering up to $350 million in retail bonds for the public and other investors, the trust's manager said on Monday. CapitaMall Trust Management... 10 Feb 2014, View: 533. Restricted

In an effort to allow commuters to better plan their journeys, Ang Mo Kio and Tanjong Pagar MRT stations are installing a set of traffic lights that signal to commuters how crowded the platforms are b... 08 Feb 2014, View: 0. Restricted

CNBC   We've talked before about paying yourself first and automating your finances with an eye on savings. The idea of treating savings like any other monthly bill is the same basic idea of mak... 30 Jan 2014, View: 0. Restricted

Straits Times By Irene Tham, Technology Correspondent The bugbear of many consumers - unreliable and slow mobile data access on their smartphones - may be a thing of the past sooner than expecte... 30 Jan 2014, View: 0. Restricted

From Straits Times By Rachel Au-Yong And Maryam Mokhtar Young people here are anxious about achieving a First World standard of living amid rising costs and more intense competition for jobs and... 30 Jan 2014, View: 0. Restricted

Straits Times By Melissa Lin   The number of consumer complaints reached a record high last year, with 29.254 complaints received by the Consumers Association of Singapo... 30 Jan 2014, View: 0. Restricted

Straits Times Forum HAVING CaseTrust accreditation represents retailers' commitment to upholding the highest standards in fair trading and transparency. Indeed, many customers base their purchasi... 24 Jan 2014, View: 0. Restricted

Here are the photos of the talk on Invest with Confidence #3... 23 Jan 2014, View: 0. Restricted

FROM MICHAEL TAN HOE HENG PUBLISHED: 16 JANUARY, 4:02 AM     I see two current issues regarding insurance that impact cost of living. One is the wide range of premiums for health ... 20 Jan 2014, View: 0. Restricted

FROM MICHAEL SIM PUBLISHED: 15 JANUARY, 6:56 PM     I bought travel insurance online from NTUC Income on Dec 3, for a trip to Bangkok from Jan 9 to 13. Due to the news of an inten... 20 Jan 2014, View: 3. Restricted