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Dear Mr. Tan I have bought a Living Policy in 2001 and I will be 61 yrs in Oct 2019. As I have no income, I do not wish to pay the yearly premium of $6,900 and was told they will deduct from my cur... 16 Aug 2019, View: 1

Hi Mr Tan I need to check with you if there is any regulatory body to check on the insurance premium rates in Singapore? 3 years ago, I paid $356 for hospitalization coverage, including private ... 01 Aug 2019, View: 4

Hello Mr Tan, In 2005, I bought a hospital plan for my mother. Though the years, I was able to use my medisave to pay for her annual premium. Lately my insurance agent updated me that I will have ... 08 Mar 2019, View: 25

Hi Mr Tan, I have quite a few policies, bought for myself, and our 2 children. I am spending more than $X per year on these policies. Is it possible for you to meet me to help me understand what is y... 06 Mar 2019, View: 15

At age 55, a consumer bought a life annuity from a private insurance company using money from the CPF special account.  At age 65, he surrendered the life annuity and reinvested the money in&n... 07 Feb 2019, View: 31

The life insurance companies in Singapore have announced that they will not use the leaked data on HIV patients.  If the HIV patients think that they can use this loop hole to buy life insuran... 02 Feb 2019, View: 13

This problem of bad conduct of life insurance companies happens in many countries, including Singapore. New Zealand is acting to deal with this problem. 29 Jan 2019, View: 12

Mr Tan, I have a question to ask you. I have been buying MediShield for my parents using my CPF for the past several years. They are turning 65 and 70 years old. they belong to the Merdeka and Pionee... 28 Jan 2019, View: 43

Revised on 14 Jan 2019 (updated using figures from the CPF Life Estimator) Someone asked if CPF Life gives good value to the annuitant. CPF members now have to set aside $181,000 at age 55 for CPF ... 12 Jan 2019, View: 59

I hope to seek your kind help in the light of the recent SNEC $4.50 payout fiasco,  I am reminded of my own case whereby in 2010, my heart-stent operation claim at National Heart Centre(SGH) w... 10 Jan 2019, View: 23