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I have advised elderly people to stay with Medishield Life and not upgrade to an integrated plan. Let me explain why. I am now insured under Medishield Life. I am 72 years old. My annual premium... 03 Sep 2020, View: 116. Restricted

Mr. L approached me on an urgent basis. He needed to meet a deadline as the insurance agent told him that the insurer will be reducing the coverage under the critical illness cover after the deadline.... 24 Aug 2020, View: 128. Restricted

Here is the Zoom video recording of the talk. It is slighly over 1 hour.  Click here. Correction: In the early part of the presentation, I said that the PE ratio of Alibaba was 750 times. It ... 19 Aug 2020, View: 569. Restricted

Miss X bought this policy 9 years ago. She asked me if she should continue or give up the policy. Here is my reply. Here is my analysis of the policy. By the end of 10 years, you would have paid ... 29 Jul 2020, View: 287. Restricted

NTUC Income offers its policyholders the option to convert an whole life or endowment policy into a life annuity by giving an enhanced surrender value for the conversion. When exercising the conv... 26 Jul 2020, View: 234. Restricted

The policyholder took this policy 5 years ago. She asked me if she should continue the policy. I looked at the benefit illustration issued at the point of sale. The surrender value projection is sh... 13 Jul 2020, View: 390. Restricted

The policyholder took up this Term policy 5 years ago. She is now 30 years old. She asked me if she should continue the policy, as it does not provide any return on the expiry date.  I gave he... 13 Jul 2020, View: 399. Restricted

Dear Mr Tan Please see attached table of premium rates from NTUC Income for its IncomeShield Rider Plus 2017, 2018, 2019. I would like to draw your attention to the age group from 51-55. The prem... 24 Jun 2020, View: 331. Restricted

Praising the government for doing creating a complicated scheme Someone asked for for advice about medical insurance for his family. I suggested that he should stick to Medishield Life, which is provi... 13 Jun 2020, View: 151. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan KL, I am aged 49, my wife 45 and have 2 autistic boys aged 20 and 19. None of us have any form of insurance coverage. I wish to get a medical or hospitalization plan to cover me and my f... 13 Jun 2020, View: 142. Restricted