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I am 27 year old this year and have worked for more than 2 years. I have some questions and hope to hear your opinions on it. 1) Currently, I am insured under a whole life plan from Pru... 25 Jul 2023, View: 951. Restricted

1. Question As I am 70, my CPF now pays me a compulsory monthly stipend from my retirement account as it must be depleted by age 80. Unlike the ordinary acc., the retirement acc earns a much higher... 31 May 2023, View: 735. Restricted

I hold 5,300 shares of Tesla at an average cost of $202 USD. My total holding is $1,070,000. The price on 5 May is $170, giving me a loss of $169,000 (SGD 224,000). The lowest price for Tesla was $... 06 May 2023, View: 501. Restricted

It is reasonable for a country to require visitors to buy insurance to cover medical expenses that may be incurred during the visit to the country. The country should arrange the insurance with a l... 09 Jan 2023, View: 161. Restricted

Insurance is good for the community if it is run properly. It performs a useful role in protecting economic losses and generates employment.  It can also be bad for the community if it is run ... 08 Jan 2023, View: 241. Restricted

Insurance is not gambling, as there is an economic loss that needs to be compensated. For insurance to work properly and fairly, the following pre-requisites have to be observed: a) the covera... 08 Jan 2023, View: 212. Restricted

My friend have a strong trust in the integrated health plan. He likes to buy the top plan to cover private hospital and is willing to pay the high premium. He also read the coverage and policy conditi... 07 Jan 2023, View: 196. Restricted

Someone asked me if he should buy travel insurance. I told him that the premium is a few dollars. He can decide whether or not to spend this money. He does not need to ask me. If he wants to spe... 07 Jan 2023, View: 251. Restricted

The table below compares the premium rate for the integrated plans for non-subsidized wards (in public hospitals and private hospitals).  I calculated the total premium for age 61 to 90 and sh... 25 Oct 2022, View: 331. Restricted

The table below compares the premium rate for the integrated plans for non-subsidized wards (in public hospitals and private hospitals).  I calculated the total premium for age 31 to 90 and sh... 25 Oct 2022, View: 233. Restricted

Singaporeans are caught in a dilemma.  They are advised to stay with Medishield Life, as the premium is affordable. However, Medishield Life only covers hospital treatment in subsidized wards.... 24 Oct 2022, View: 325. Restricted

Most people have the impression that motor insurance is unprofitable for the insurance companies in Singapore. This is not the case.  The table below shows the results for eight companies that... 10 Oct 2022, View: 218. Restricted

A policyholder consulted me. He bought a life insurance policy from company X for his daughter many years ago. A life insurance agent from company Y advised him to stop the policy when the daughter re... 29 Sep 2022, View: 246. Restricted

A customer (60 yo) bought a retirement policy from Tokio Marine. He has to pay a premium of $10,000 a year from 5 years.  From age 65, the retirement policy has a cash value of $50,000. The po... 29 Jul 2022, View: 360. Restricted

My friend asked my advice on the following case. a) His relative, aged 50, bought a life insurance policy. The annual premium represents more than 20% of the annual income. The policy has a 50 year... 26 Jun 2022, View: 1188. Restricted

It is important for the policyholder to pay special attention to the terminal bonus.  Some insurance companies increased the terminal bonus by a large amount on the 20th or 30th anniversary of... 28 May 2022, View: 330. Restricted

Mr. Y received a post sale benefit illustration (PBSI) for his policy in 2014 and an updated one in September 2021.  There was a big difference in the surrender value for the 30th anniversary,... 28 May 2022, View: 41. Restricted

I suggested to a policyholder to write to the insurance company to ask for an explanation of the drop in the surrender value.  Dear  My name is xxxxxxxx. I bought a life insurance poli... 27 May 2022, View: 256. Restricted

Mr Y bought a life insurance policy 30 years ago and paid an annual premuim of $2,794.  He obtained a post sale benefit illustration (PSBI) in Sept 2021. It showed a cash surrender value on th... 27 May 2022, View: 488. Restricted

Dear Mr Tan I would like to seek your advice on this 3 yrs saving plan. Is this a good plan? REPLY Can you ask the insurance adviser, who earns a large commission, to explain this plan to you. ... 18 May 2022, View: 300. Restricted

The Medishield plan pays for hospital expenses above a deductible of say $3,000 and for the co-insurance of 10%. The rider pays for a certain percentage of the the deductible and co-insurance.  ... 16 May 2022, View: 361. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan  I have bought NTUC Income`s Enhanced Incomeshield Preferred Plan for years. After age 55, the yearly premium is SGD1834, but the rider Premium is SGD2077. I think the rider prem... 16 May 2022, View: 754. Restricted

An insurance company levied an additional premium of $40 to cover trip cancellation. In the event that the passenger cannot travel due to any medical condition, this cover will compensation the passen... 14 May 2022, View: 158. Restricted

A policyholder bought a participating policy 36 years ago and paid an annual premium of $800. The surrender value is now $57,389. He is now age 65 yo. Should be continue the participating policy? ... 09 May 2022, View: 589. Restricted

I sent this letter to the MD of MAS Dear Mr. xxxx I enclose a marketing brochure for a "leveraged annuity" product. Please ask your officer to see if this marketing brochure meets the MAS stand... 28 Apr 2022, View: 273. Restricted

A 65 yo woman was offered an annuity that pays a guaranteed monthly income of $834 for 10 years from age 70. There is a non-guaranteed portion of between $ and $. The insurance company did not explain... 27 Apr 2022, View: 417. Restricted

A policyholder, aged 65, was offered a life annuity policy. She pays a single premium of $100,000 and receives an monthly income of $843 (guaranteed) from age 70 for 10 years. There is a non-guarantee... 26 Apr 2022, View: 1098. Restricted

Mr. Tan, Can I have your comments about the decision of the insurer to reject certain types of treatment under an integrated Shield plan? See this report.  Is this fair, as the consumers has ... 21 Apr 2022, View: 304. Restricted

A policyholder bought a life insurance policy 36 years ago.  He paid an annual premium of $799. At the end of 36 years, the surrender value is $56,035. The policy gave him a yield of 3.5% per ... 07 Apr 2022, View: 227. Restricted

A policyholder asked for my views about the Max Enhanced Growth policy that be bought 8 years ago. He sent the benefit illustration to me.  Here is my analysis. The annual premium i... 01 Mar 2022, View: 225. Restricted

I have raised 4 questions to the EGM regarding the corporatization of NTUC Income. NTUC Income has given their replies. See PDF attached.... 16 Feb 2022, View: 448. Restricted

Question:  Have you heard of the term traded endowment policy that transfer all the rights of a policy holder to another through a firm not licensed by MAS? Is this legal in Singapore?... 30 Jan 2022, View: 224. Restricted

I have submitted four questions to the NTUC Income EGM on 18 February 2022 at 5.30 pm. 1. Will the bonuses of participating policies issued in the past when NTUC Income was a cooperative, be negati... 22 Jan 2022, View: 73. Restricted

Someone asked me about "reverse mortgage". He has a fully paid property and wish to use it to provide an monthly income to meet his living expenses (and for his spouse) for the rest of their life.&nbs... 10 Jan 2022, View: 683. Restricted

QUESTION FROM A POLICYHOLDER 20 years ago, I bought a whole life investment linked policy for my daughter. The agent said it was best time to buy insurance when you are young as its cheaper. &n... 26 Oct 2021, View: 1098. Restricted

A policyholder sought my advice.  The projected cash value for his policy on the 30th anniversary is $106,800. The current surrender value, which is about half a year before the 30th anniversa... 16 Oct 2021, View: 850. Restricted

A policyholder received a post sale benefit illustration (PSBI) that shows the total surrender value as $106,830.  A few months later, he recieved an actual quotation from AIA that the net sur... 03 Sep 2021, View: 552. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan, An agent recommended the following life insurnce policy: Insurer NTUC Income My age: 53 yrs old Policy Term till 120 years old Premium Term 1 Year = $106,064.00 Plan Name - Lu... 28 Jul 2021, View: 1232. Restricted

Hi Mr. Tan I’ve a question regarding insurance and I wasn’t sure who to go to. Although I’ve insurance agents, I wasn’t sure asking them would help. I thought of you because you’ve extensive experien... 19 Jul 2021, View: 412. Restricted

Someone asked me: May i seek your view on the following: For many years, I bought home insurance from a reputable insurer.  I thought that I would be covered if the house caught fire be... 28 Jun 2021, View: 435. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan, Is it safe to invest in resale insurance as a form of bond? I have been offered the following policy as an investment. I pay $56,427 now and will get a lump sum of $78,118 at the end... 25 Jun 2021, View: 365. Restricted

I advise older people to insure under the basic Medishield Life plan provided by the government.  The premium is quite affordable (I pay $500 a year after government subsidy) for my age 73 y... 09 Jun 2021, View: 700. Restricted

My friend, who is a doctor and over 70 years old, consulted me about making a claim under a Medishield Integrated Plan. He has been insured under the IP for over 30 years. lat year, his claim for a... 28 May 2021, View: 923. Restricted

Straits Times Editorial 17 April 2021 The committee set up by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to work towards improving the healthcare insurance system represents timely intervention in the dispute bet... 24 May 2021, View: 34. Restricted

Here are the financial results of the Medishield integrated plans for 2018, based on the returns submitted by the top 5 insurers to the Monetary Authority of Singapore.  Based on the tota... 24 May 2021, View: 833. Restricted

An insurance company is marketing a "wealth policy" to me. I have to pay 30% of the single premium and the bank will provide financing for 70% at an interest rate of SIBOR + 0.9% per month. ... 17 May 2021, View: 426. Restricted

Mr. X passed away leaving a daughter who is a minor. Many years ago, he took a life insurance policy with a sum assured above $200,000. He named his sister as the beneficiary. He and his wife was divo... 13 May 2021, View: 325. Restricted

This is another example of insanity. Did Prudential lose $2.5 b... 08 May 2021, View: 114. Restricted

Tesla's financial results will be released after the close of the market on 26 April. The EPS (earning per share) for Tesla for 2020 was $0.79. Based on the current share price of $729, the PER (pr... 26 Apr 2021, View: 242. Restricted

I give my views about home insurance - what to cover, and how much premium to pay. When you buy home insurance, you need to consider the following: a) What is the amount of insurance? You hav... 21 Apr 2021, View: 206. Restricted

This is how a customer can analyze a cancer insurance policy - is it worth while to buy the policy? Take the following case study. a) The insurance agent recommends a customer to buy a insurance... 18 Apr 2021, View: 232. Restricted

Someone sent to me the benefit illustration of a 10 year term policy with cancer protection. He asked for my views if he should buy the policy. TKL answer: Can you ask the agent to explain the ben... 17 Apr 2021, View: 170. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan Should I buy this cancer insurance from NTUC Income? REPLY You must find out the following: 1. How much does the insurance cost? 2. What does it pay to you in the event of a cl... 17 Apr 2021, View: 293. Restricted

This Today article explains the quarrel between the Life Insurance Association and the Singapore Medical Association over the use of exclusive panels for submitting claims under the integrated plans. ... 31 Mar 2021, View: 294. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan Someone recommended me ( 62 years old) to buy the AIA Power Critical Cover. It covers 150 conditions for ALL stages. For $50k sum assured the premium is $4899pa. There is a multi ... 24 Feb 2021, View: 378. Restricted

According to this webpage, CPF has appointed Great Eastern Life to be the sole insurer for the CPF Dependent Protection Scheme.  An enhanced DPS scheme will take effect.  The coverage ... 09 Feb 2021, View: 91. Restricted

A policyholder has two insurance policies. She asked me to look at the coverages of these policies and help her to decide which policy to keep and which to give up. She needs to reduce her budget. ... 06 Feb 2021, View: 142. Restricted

An elderly woman invested $100,000 in a complicated life insurance policy that pays a monthly income starting from the sixth year. She was given almost 50 pages of document that describe the contra... 22 Nov 2020, View: 127. Restricted

In the past, the owner of a life insurance policy has to surrender the policy to the insurance company and receive the surrender value. The owner now has an option to sell the policy to an intermed... 22 Nov 2020, View: 119. Restricted

Dear Mr Tan, Lately, I came across a group of financial consultants who claim to be in the business of buying other people's policies at 10% above the surrender values. They then re-sell these prod... 22 Nov 2020, View: 131. Restricted