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Most claim officers, including those who have been in the industry for a few decades, carry the wrong mindset towards insurance claims. Whenever an accident or disaster occurs, they get depressed abou... 30 Jan 2020, View: 36

Dear Mr Tan, I read a number of complains about a particular airline not willing to waive cancellation or rebooking penalties for people who want to defer or cancel their trip to Hong Kong (not China... 30 Jan 2020, View: 8

Some insurance companies offer investment policies that guaranteed a high rate of return. When the investment return drops, due to economic situations, they suffer a large financial loss.  Thi... 17 Jan 2020, View: 45

My friend told me that two large state-owned insurance companies in Indonesia are in financial difficulty. They issue "investment policies" that guaranteed a high rate of return, more than 10% per ... 17 Jan 2020, View: 10

I have seen many cases of consumers being denied legitimate claims due to alleged non disclosures. I ask the regulator to study this matter and get insurers to adopt a code of practice that is fair to... 12 Jan 2020, View: 6

Mr. X asked me for help. He had two policies which he kept for over 20 years. A new insurance agent advised him to terminate these two policies as the cash value was higher than the sum assured, ... 31 Dec 2019, View: 20

A woman called me. She wanted to engage me to help her to deal with a problem. 20 years ago, she took a loan on her life insurance policy. The loan carried an interest rate of 5.5%. She did not rep... 27 Dec 2019, View: 13

An elderly woman went to a bank. The relationship manager (RM) introduced her to a life insurance policy. He asked her to invest $300,000 into the policy for another 40 years. The woman approached ... 27 Dec 2019, View: 19

Hi Mr Tan I insured with NTUC Income medical insurance under the Enhanced Preferred plan with rider scheme, whereby I am entitled to seek medical help in any private hospital. I am over 70 years o... 14 Dec 2019, View: 14

Dear Mr. Tan My hushand has multiple policies taken out under section 73. The beneficiary is his ex wife. She has since refused to take out her name under the policies. What can we do? REPLY Sect... 07 Nov 2019, View: 54