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Dear Mr Tan Please see attached table of premium rates from NTUC Income for its IncomeShield Rider Plus 2017, 2018, 2019. I would like to draw your attention to the age group from 51-55. The prem... 24 Jun 2020, View: 1

Praising the government for doing creating a complicated scheme Someone asked for for advice about medical insurance for his family. I suggested that he should stick to Medishield Life, which is provi... 13 Jun 2020, View: 1

Dear Mr. Tan KL, I am aged 49, my wife 45 and have 2 autistic boys aged 20 and 19. None of us have any form of insurance coverage. I wish to get a medical or hospitalization plan to cover me and my f... 13 Jun 2020, View: 2

Dear Mr Tan, I purchased this policy when I was 25 years old, until age 99. This means: Total 74 years to pay With $2,604.36 annual premium, total output is $192,722.64 till age 99 ... 25 Apr 2020, View: 28

Dear Mr. Tan  I paid $112,234 for my whole life insurance premium for 34 years, I can get back $170,000 if I surrender the policy, does that mean the yearly yield for this policy is 5.1%? Thank ... 18 Apr 2020, View: 20

Most claim officers, including those who have been in the industry for a few decades, carry the wrong mindset towards insurance claims. Whenever an accident or disaster occurs, they get depressed abou... 30 Jan 2020, View: 39

Dear Mr Tan, I read a number of complains about a particular airline not willing to waive cancellation or rebooking penalties for people who want to defer or cancel their trip to Hong Kong (not China... 30 Jan 2020, View: 8

Some insurance companies offer investment policies that guaranteed a high rate of return. When the investment return drops, due to economic situations, they suffer a large financial loss.  Thi... 17 Jan 2020, View: 47

My friend told me that two large state-owned insurance companies in Indonesia are in financial difficulty. They issue "investment policies" that guaranteed a high rate of return, more than 10% per ... 17 Jan 2020, View: 10

I have seen many cases of consumers being denied legitimate claims due to alleged non disclosures. I ask the regulator to study this matter and get insurers to adopt a code of practice that is fair to... 12 Jan 2020, View: 6