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Tesla released excellent results for Q2 2021 after market closed. They were better than expectations from most analysts.  However, the stocked price moved up by only 1% in the after market.&nb... 27 Jul 2021, View: 243.

Tesla's results were excellent.  Here are two videos  Dave Lee Tesla Daily 27 Jul 2021, View: 114.

Tesla will be releasing its 2Q 2021 earnings on the close of trading on 26 July. Based on the price movement, the investors are cautious about the results. They probably expect the results to be di... 24 Jul 2021, View: 205. Restricted

I am considering a short term speculation in Virgin Galactic. It successfully carried out a launch into outer space with several passengers, including its founder Richard Branson.  Details ... 13 Jul 2021, View: 257. Restricted

I invested about S$1,500,000 in overseas stocks (in Hong Kong and US exchanges). The stockbroker keeps the stocks in their nominee account and collects the dividends (after tax) for me.  Divid... 13 Jul 2021, View: 663. Restricted

Singapore Airlines showed a loss of $ for 2020. It pays a dividend that represents 1% of the current share price of $5.02. The analyst consensus target price is $4.38 a drop of  13%.  ... 13 Jul 2021, View: 613. Restricted

I have bought some shares in Guolian Securities. It has a PE ratio of 10.99 times and a dividend yield of 3.9%. It market capitalization is HK$34 billion. It is in the financial services indus... 12 Jul 2021, View: 226. Restricted

A friend recommended me to invest in this stock.  It has a low PE ratio of 5.38 times and an attractive dividend yield of 9.64%. The trend of the revenue and earnings over the past few years h... 12 Jul 2021, View: 465. Restricted

China is easing its monetary policy. It is pouring more money into the economy and lowering interest rate. Bloomberg article I believe that this will be good for China stocks. I am heavily ... 12 Jul 2021, View: 310. Restricted

I bought 100,000 Sembcorp Marine shares at $0.123. Total cost is $12,300. Why? I think that it is under-valued and over-reacted for the bad news of the impending merger. I have placed an order ... 05 Jul 2021, View: 398. Restricted

Property stocks and REITS are likely to see a rough time ahead.  Watch this news: 04 Jul 2021, View: 547. Restricted

There was big news for Tesla over the weekend. The regulator in China required Tesla to recall 285,000 cars sold in China over a software issue that could potentially cause accidents. This affects all... 28 Jun 2021, View: 512. Restricted

I invested in the seven medical stocks listed below. Most of them are carrying out research in the field of genomics. Teladoc is in a new way of delivering medical services. I made a gain on these ... 28 Jun 2021, View: 384. Restricted

The table below compares the top banks listed in HK Exchange with the 3 top banks in Singapore. 4 of the banks listed in HK exchange, which are the big 4 banks in China, have a PE ratio between 3.8... 27 Jun 2021, View: 302. Restricted

Here are the top 6 banks listed in the HK Exchange, arranged in order of market capitalization. 5 of them are China banks and the remaining is HSBC. Four of the China banks, i.e. ICBC, CCB, ABC and... 27 Jun 2021, View: 447. Restricted

Tesla is a remarkable company.  It is a leader in the production and sale of electric cars. It is highly innovative and has key strengths in several areas that put it ahead of other auto manuf... 24 Jun 2021, View: 431. Restricted

I have $1,759,000 invested in Singapore stocks. This is the current market value. I did not keep a record of the original cost. Most of these stocks were bought many years ago and were not closely mon... 24 Jun 2021, View: 990. Restricted

I have HK $6,950,000 ( S $1,204,000) invested in China stocks listed in Hong Kong. I invest in these stocks for the long term. Most of these stocks have a price earning ratio below 10 and a divid... 23 Jun 2021, View: 711. Restricted

A FISCA member asked for my view of City Development.  I searched the key figures of this stock and compared them with two other property stocks listed in Singapore, namely Hongkong Land (H78.... 21 Jun 2021, View: 472. Restricted

Here are some sad news for 34,000 individual investors of Hyflux.  From Phillips Securities Asset sales in a liquidation process at Hyflux, Singapore's highest-profile distressed co... 16 Jun 2021, View: 588. Restricted

I like to invest in China shares with good financials and that are traded in Hong Kong at big discounts to the prices in Shanghai. The table below shows 13 stocks with attractive financials and dis... 15 Jun 2021, View: 526. Restricted

Many people are afraid to invest in stocks because it is risky. The are afraid that the stock price may fall and they lose money on their investment. I like to suggest a different way to look at th... 12 Jun 2021, View: 549. Restricted

Twenty years ago, a Muslim journalist explained to me about Islamic finance. According to the teaching of Islam, the payment of interest is forbidden.  Their concept is that business should be... 12 Jun 2021, View: 183. Restricted

One year ago, I had to decide between investing $60,000 USD in Gilead Science or Moderna. I choose Gilead Science. The stock price dropped 30% over the past year. If I had selected Moderna, I wo... 12 Jun 2021, View: 275. Restricted

Most people find trading in Bitcoin to be highly risky. I agree. The Bitcoin contract size is very big. Each contract has a value of 5 bitcoin, i.e. US$175,000. Bitcoin is volatile and can mov... 09 Jun 2021, View: 343. Restricted

I held a short contract on Bitcoin on 5 June. The contract is for 5 bitcoin at the price of $36,900. The value of the contract is $184,500. I have to put up a margin of $157,000 which is 85% of the co... 08 Jun 2021, View: 423. Restricted

I hold a short position on Bitcoin Futures on 5 June and held it over the weekend. The contract is for 5 bitcoins. I shorted at the price of $36,900. The futures platform that I used was closed dur... 06 Jun 2021, View: 340. Restricted

I had an interesting experience in investing in Nano Dimension (NNDM). It is a leader in 3D printing and has a big market potential in providing solutions for the design and manufacture of printed ... 05 Jun 2021, View: 561. Restricted

I held a bearish view about Bitcoin. I sold 1 contract of 5 bitcoin in the Futures market. The value of each contact is US$$180,000.  Bitcoin is volatile and can more 5% or more in a day. a 5%... 04 Jun 2021, View: 240. Restricted

I am bearish on Bitcoin. I find its structure to be inefficient. It will crash in the near future. I am also bearish on the other crypto currencies as well. Here are my reasons: a) Although some... 04 Jun 2021, View: 337. Restricted

Tesla shares dropped by 5% ($32) on 30 June to hit a low of $572. The reasons are set out here. I hold 4... 04 Jun 2021, View: 458. Restricted

AquaBounty is a US company that uses genetic engineering (GE) to grow salmon in land-based facilities at half the time taken for the salmon to grow naturally. I bought 10,000 shares at US... 02 Jun 2021, View: 370. Restricted

I report daily on the gain in my portfolio.  The gain reflect the results of my investment strategy: a) I invest 70% of the portfolio in good value stocks with attractive price earning rati... 02 Jun 2021, View: 1400. Restricted

The most convenient way to trade Bitcoin is to use the Bitcoin Futures. I use the Phillips Nova platform provided by Phillips Futures, which is part of the Phillips Securities group. When I trade a... 02 Jun 2021, View: 529. Restricted

Some listed companies allow their shareholders to collect their dividends in cash or in script. Which is a better option? It depends on the price for which the script dividend is being charged a... 01 Jun 2021, View: 449. Restricted

Lendlease Global Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust (Reit) has issued S$200 million in perpetual securities at 4.20 per cent per annum, for the financing of potential investment opportunit... 28 May 2021, View: 563. Restricted

I have $684,220 USD invested in US stocks. They now show a loss of $98,375 or 14.4% of my invested sum. For individual stocks, the biggest loss is $25,560 in AQB, followed by $14,820 in TDOC a... 27 May 2021, View: 1260. Restricted

Here are the top cryptocurrencies based on the market size. Bitcoin is the largest, followed by Ethereum and Tether. One of them is a stable coin - Tether. It is pegged to the US dollar. There a... 27 May 2021, View: 424. Restricted

My friend sent me this article about tether It is a long article. I extract the... 26 May 2021, View: 406. Restricted

I held 400 Tesla shares at a cost of $640.  After the financial results for 1Q 2021 was announced, the price went up to $780 on Apr 13. I wanted to sell my shares at $800 or over. It never rea... 26 May 2021, View: 598. Restricted

I hold 140,000 shares of PICC P&C at an average cost of $6.19 HKD. The current price is now $7.57 giving an appreciation of 22%. I held the shares for about half a year, maybe slightly longer. ... 24 May 2021, View: 261. Restricted

China Suntien is a company involved in green energy. I bought 332,000 shares in China Suntien at an average price of $2.65 HKD. The current price is now $3.36 giving me an appreciation of 27% or $2... 24 May 2021, View: 298. Restricted

I hold a short position in 20 micro bitcoin (equivalent to 2 bitcoin) Future contract on Friday 21 May at a cost of US $37,600. At the closing price of $35,100, my short position showed a profit of $ ... 23 May 2021, View: 502. Restricted

Nvidia Corporation focuses on personal computer (PC) graphics, graphics processing unit (GPU) and also on artificial intelligence (AI). It announced good results for the financial year ended 31 Jan 20... 22 May 2021, View: 513. Restricted

Someone asked for my views about the likelihood of an increase in interest rate in America that could lead to a stock market crash. I believe that the Fed will allow interest rate to remain low for... 20 May 2021, View: 862. Restricted

The low interest rate environment creates a risk that ordinary people may not be aware. With interest rate on loans from the banks currently at about 1.5%, many financial advisers are recommending ... 18 May 2021, View: 292. Restricted

Many observers of the stock market saw a drop during May. They came with the slogan - Sell in May and go away. This phenomena occurred in past years. The big fund managers sell their stocks in May ... 15 May 2021, View: 385. Restricted

Tesla's shares have been week for the past two weeks. It faced the challenge that other tech stocks faced, namely: a) Rotation away from growth stocks into cyclical stocks b) Fear of higher inf... 13 May 2021, View: 281. Restricted

A shareholder of OCBC was surprised to see the price drop after the release of the financial results for 2020. He asked if OCBC performed worse than the peers. I present the financial figures of th... 13 May 2021, View: 476. Restricted

I held 264,000 shares of Cosco Shipping Energy at an average cost of $3.49 HKD. It sold 100,000 shares at $3.99 for a realized profit of $50,000 HKD. I am still holding to 164,000 shares.  I b... 12 May 2021, View: 220. Restricted

I have a large investment in Tesla shares comprising of 400 shares at a cost of $260,000 USD. My average cost per share is $650. The current share price is $617. A month earlier, the price was at $... 12 May 2021, View: 418. Restricted

I track and report my portfolio gain every day. My total portfolio is now at $3,099,000. I have invested cash of $2,540,000. This gives a net gain of $559,000. At the peak a month ago, my portfo... 12 May 2021, View: 260. Restricted

I hold 726,000 shares in Koh Brothers at an average cost of $0.201. The total amount that I invested in this stock is $145,000. At the current price of $0.17, my holdings now shows a loss of $26,00... 10 May 2021, View: 348. Restricted

Tech stocks have high price earning ratios. They are expected to see high growth in the future. In the table below, I show the tech stocks arranged by the forward PE ratio. This is based on the ana... 10 May 2021, View: 275. Restricted

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) plans to transfer its media operations into a non-profit entity. After that, it will have no media operations. It will remain largely a property company. What are its... 07 May 2021, View: 601. Restricted

There is a shortage of semiconductor chips globally. The biggest producers are Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) and Samsung.  China's SMIC (0981.HK) lags behind TSM and Samsung in the latest... 05 May 2021, View: 449. Restricted

In mid 2019, I took a decision to make a large investment in Tesla stocks. One key factor that convinced me was the manufacturing efficiency of the Tesla gigafactories.  I saw a video of their... 02 May 2021, View: 221. Restricted

I hold 4,000 shares of Nano Dimension (NNDM) at $7.58 USD.  The stock opened on 25 April at $9.00, up 10% over the previous close. I gave an order to sell the stock at $9.20. I thought that it... 02 May 2021, View: 159. Restricted

I have $3 million invested in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and American stocks. The key components are: Cash $300,000 Tesla $500,000 Remaining $2,200,000 is invested in about 20 stocks - averag... 01 May 2021, View: 347. Restricted

I bought 6,000 shares of Alibaba (9988.HK) at an average price of HK $242 over 4 months towards the end of 2020. I sold off 3,000 shares at $254 on 25 Feb 2021 and another 3,000 shares at $232 on 1... 27 Apr 2021, View: 362. Restricted