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I heard a talk from a global macro strategist. He said that China stocks represent 15% of the global stock markets. However, they represent only 2% of the international funds. As a result, the Ch... 12 Nov 2020, View: 109. Restricted

The IPO of Ant Financial in Shanghai and Hong Kong was suspended two days before it was scheduled to be launched. It was the largest IPO on record.  What cause the suspension? It is explained ... 06 Nov 2020, View: 118. Restricted

I have a big investment in Country Garden. It is a large property developer in China. It is listed in the stock exchange in China and in Hong Kong. The price of the stock went up 8.7% today.  ... 05 Nov 2020, View: 91. Restricted

All the overvalued stocks will fall in a market collapse. They may swing wildly like TARZAN for a while. Why Tarzan? Tesla Amazon Raytheon (temporary place holder) Zoom Apple Netflix S... 30 Oct 2020, View: 106. Restricted

Here are the realized profits on my active portfolio during the past five months - June to October 2020.     Realised profit   USD SGD HKD ... 25 Oct 2020, View: 117. Restricted

I have a large investment in Gilead Science. I bought the stock when their drug remdesivir was given emergency approval for the treatment of covid-19 by America and a few other countries. The finan... 23 Oct 2020, View: 106. Restricted

I have invested $90,000 USD in gold mining stock - Barrick Gold and $35, 000 in gold ETF the total investment $125,000 USD. This is my largest investment ever in gold and gold stock.  This inv... 23 Oct 2020, View: 104. Restricted

I use the POEMS 2.0 mobile app. I find it convenient to use. It is better than the web app that I used previously on the desktop. I have now changed completedly to the mobile app. I login with my f... 16 Oct 2020, View: 113. Restricted

I now hold 200 shares in Tesla. It will be reporting its 3Q 2020 financial results on 22 Oct 2020.  What do I expect? I expect the results to be very good. They will report a healthy profit... 16 Oct 2020, View: 103. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan I want you view about the rights issue. Should I take it up? Reply The rights issue allows the shareholders to buy 290 units for every 1,000 units at an issue price of $2.34 per unit... 13 Oct 2020, View: 110. Restricted