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In risk management, we have to consider the cost of risk of the various options. For example, we can close the borders to stop infected people from coming into Singapore and spreading the virus.&nb... 31 Aug 2020, View: 113. Restricted

My first tip on financial planning is to save regularly. You should save 15% of your monthly income.  This tip applies to you, regardless of your income level. This saving is on top of your co... 31 Oct 2019, View: 249. Restricted

CNBC has a recent article on investing legend Jack Bogle's 6 best money and career tips for young people. Jack Bogle is the found and retired chief executive of Vanguard Group which owns the l... 06 Apr 2017, View: 57. Restricted

According to this article, here are 11 things that you should not pay for, but probably are spending money on them.    1. Gym Memberships 2. Newspaper 3. Cable TV 4. Long Distance... 05 Apr 2017, View: 90. Restricted

The Off Peak car scheme allows the owner to enjoy a rebate of $17,000 when they purchase a new car and a $500 discount on the road tax. There is a total saving of $22,000 over the 10 year ownership of... 01 Apr 2017, View: 29. Restricted

Moneysmart has posted an article on 4 Super Common Money Wasters in Singapore today and here are the key summaries of the article. 1) Singaporeans are splurging on lottery tickets with high hopes o... 31 Mar 2017, View: 60. Restricted

There is an article from the moneysmart website that entails the pros and the cons of using a credit card.  A brief summary of the key points of the articles are as follows, 1) You are ab... 29 Mar 2017, View: 39. Restricted

Recently, there is an article from dollarsandsense that highlights three important things to note before heading to the money changer. A brief summary of the key points are: 1) It is important t... 23 Mar 2017, View: 46. Restricted

Most people save what is left over, after they have spent what is needed from their salary. This wise man advised people to set aside their savings first. Here is the story of the richest man in ... 12 Mar 2017, View: 73. Restricted

I met an English man two years ago. He married a Singaporean and now lived in Singapore.  He told me that he would be visiting the UK to see his uncle. The uncle was in his late 50s and was te... 12 Feb 2017, View: 219. Restricted

This couple spends $100,000 on a wedding and ends up with a large debt that caused them a lot of distress. They share their story to warn others to avoid making the same mistake.  http://ne... 14 Mar 2016, View: 165. Restricted

The US market had fallen by about 20% since the start of this year. Should investors get out of the market? Jack Bogle advise investors to stay the course, i.e. stay invested. Watch the video to learn... 23 Feb 2016, View: 289. Restricted

A recent survey conducted by Nielsen and commissioned by NTUC Income revealed that when empowered with knowledge, young adults in Singapore are motivated to start planning for their retirement. Survey... 16 Feb 2016, View: 361. Restricted

Under a life insurance policy, the period of premium payment can be: a) For the entire duration of the policy or b) For a limited period Whole life policy For example, a whole life policy ma... 30 Jan 2016, View: 209. Restricted

Executive summary. There is strong theoretical and practical evidence that most actively managed equity funds will underperform their benchmarks. To some, this makes the use of active management ... 30 Jan 2016, View: 176. Restricted

... 30 Jan 2016, View: 229. Restricted

... 30 Jan 2016, View: 160. Restricted

Source Conflicted remuneration wasn’t addressed by the PJC  (Parliamentary Joint Committee] report; it hasn’t been very well explored by the Financial System Inquiry,” she said.Ms Erin Turner, C... 30 Jan 2016, View: 182. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan   Q1. When to buy the term or accident insurance? If when have dependent (eg: children?)    Q2. If I already purchased term insurance (cover death & terminal ... 31 Jul 2015, View: 113. Restricted

Source Personal loans have become very popular and common in Singapore in the last decade. But what exactly is a personal loan and how does it work? A personal loan is an unsecured loan that is mea... 14 Jul 2015, View: 6. Restricted

This consumer had bad experience with the life insurance policies that were bought by his parents.  1. What financial product did you buy My parents bought 2 whole life insurance policies... 21 Jun 2015, View: 11. Restricted

Hi Mr, Tan Here is something I would like to share regarding all those overhyped, overpriced and unregulated financial training courses out there. 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Robert Kiyosaki Exposed... 14 Jun 2015, View: 19. Restricted

Hi Mr Tan, I wish to share my experiences of how I lose SGD 2.5k on my investment link plan - which I have terminated in a year. The reason for the termination is not due to the affordability but t... 08 Jun 2015, View: 11. Restricted

Minimum investment amount per bond issue is $500. Maximum investment amount per bond issue is $50,000. There is a cap of $100,000 at a time for all your bond issues combined. A new bond will ... 06 Jun 2015, View: 9. Restricted

Here is an example of how to get useful information from the MAS Compare First website ( The case study is for a male age 25 who wish to be insured for $200,000. The website offers... 31 May 2015, View: 8. Restricted

When an agent recommends a life insurance policy to you, the agent is required under MAS regulation to give you a benefit illustration. There are two items that you should look for: Distribut... 25 Mar 2015, View: 8. Restricted

FROM NEW YORK TIMES Here is something every non-rich American family should know: The odds are that you will run out of money in retirement. On average, a typical working family in the anteroom ... 04 Mar 2015, View: 15. Restricted

I wish to share with you a piece of advice that can make a lot of difference to your financial future.  If you save and invest $500 a year over 35 years and invest in the right type of investm... 07 Feb 2015, View: 6. Restricted

Many consumers have bought a life insurance policy expecting that they only need to pay the premium for a limited period, such as 10 to 15 years only. This is a bad reason to buy a life insurance... 19 Jan 2015, View: 17. Restricted

Hi Mr Tan, What do you think of this blue chip investment: OCBC Blue Chip investment Plan. Dollar cost averaging. Inv... 11 Jan 2015, View: 13. Restricted

Hi Mr. Tan 1.      Should I put my cash into Time Deposit to earn better interest rate than saving account 0.025%  2.      Is Structured deposit worth buying? ... 11 Jan 2015, View: 11. Restricted

... 15 Oct 2014, View: 160. Restricted

This booklet, published by the State Courts, explains how the courts in Singapore determine the party at fault in a motor accident. It also explains some legal principles involved in determining li... 15 Oct 2014, View: 236. Restricted

I needed contractors to carry out repairs to an apartment that I am renting out. I looked for the contractors using Google Search but had a difficult time to contact them by their telephone. I foun... 19 Sep 2014, View: 181. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan My neighbour made some renovation in the home and it caused the tiles in my kitchen to be cracked. The damage was extensive. I contacted the contractor over this matter for the past... 19 Sep 2014, View: 162. Restricted

Consumers often ask questions about how to write a will, what are its implications, how to get a probate and other issues.  I asked a lawyer to provide some guidance to consumers. She referred... 01 Sep 2014, View: 64. Restricted

Surrendering part of the lease If the current lease of a HDB flat is 60 years and the market price is $400,000, how much should the owner by surrending 30 years of the lease back to HDB? Should ... 25 Aug 2014, View: 36. Restricted

Company B is a MLM company that operates under many different entities and names, while being run by the same group of directors behind the scenes. They change the names of their company, or start a n... 17 Aug 2014, View: 197. Restricted

Company A offers overseas investment schemes that are primarily based in North America. They promise returns of at least 12% per annum to the investors, with some schemes going as high as >20%. The... 17 Aug 2014, View: 439. Restricted

  If you wish to write a contract on your own, without using a lawyer, you may find the following templates to be useful. Tenancy: http... 17 Aug 2014, View: 217. Restricted

BEFORE YOU ENGAGE A LAWYER   I asked a former practicing lawyer on what consumers should do before they engage a lawyer to deal with a legal dispute. Here is her reply.   Tan Kin Lian  ... 17 Aug 2014, View: 62. Restricted

How good is your knowledge of risk management? Try this quiz and get an explanation on the answer. ... 17 Jul 2014, View: 1. Restricted

SINGAPORE: Buying a product from Apple, Zara and IKEA could cost more in Singapore compared to 10 other cities, according to a study by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Ministry of Trade ... 29 Apr 2014, View: 0. Restricted

Editor, Forum Page Straits Times   It is more convenient for consumers to make electronic payments by internet banking and GIRO, instead of payment by cheque.   To make the el... 10 Apr 2014, View: 0. Restricted

Three ways to prevent cyber crimainals from filing a tax return in your name: 1) Use a strong password 2) Watch watch you share on social media 3) Don't file your returns in a public pla... 17 Mar 2014, View: 0. Restricted

Several airlines have started to introduce wi-fi in their flights.  Earlier last year, we wrote that Wi-Fi will be coming to Garuda Indonesia and Air Asia Thailand flightsin 2014. Arou... 11 Mar 2014, View: 0. Restricted

Definition by Investopedia. ... 08 Mar 2014, View: 107. Restricted

Taken from SGX website 1. Regular investing over the long term increases returns for retirement planning.    Today, the average life expectancy is 82 years because of better living standards and ... 18 Nov 2013, View: 51. Restricted

Do you have a story to tell about how you approach your personal financial planning or investing, and the lessons that can be shared with other consumers. Your story should be about 250 to 500 word... 13 Nov 2013, View: 50. Restricted

A paper released last week by a trio of economists looked at 168 separate studies analyzing the effectiveness of financial literacy programs. To sum up their findings: It doesn't work. The authors fou... 20 Oct 2013, View: 46. Restricted

Many parents who want their children to understand investing use a teaching method related to active stock picking. They give the kids real or hypothetical dollars, and invest in individual stocks, li... 17 Oct 2013, View: 12. Restricted

The work that earned Eugene Fama the Nobel Prize in economics provided the intellectual foundation for index-tracking funds, which have upended stock picking as investors abandon active money managers... 15 Oct 2013, View: 1. Restricted

Currently with the recent Medishield and Integrated Shield Plans premiums increased, many consumers are confused and were asked to switch from their existing plan to another insurer by insurance pract... 12 Oct 2013, View: 10. Restricted

FINRA is issuing this Alert to warn investors about classic types of investment fraud and to help investors spot and avoid the types of persuasion tactics fraudsters use. We also describe key red flag... 11 Oct 2013, View: 9. Restricted

When a scam slams you, you'll never even see it coming. And a new report suggests that Americans may be more vulnerable to fraud than they think. A 2013 report from the Financial Industry Regulatory A... 10 Oct 2013, View: 1. Restricted

A bank marketed a life insurance policy where the consumer has to pay $10,000 annual premium for 5 years, making a total payment of $50,000. At the end of 10 years, the policy pays between $55,000 ... 09 Oct 2013, View: 3. Restricted