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When I visited a bank to place a fixed deposit, the relationship manager tried to sell a dual currency investment to me. I declined. I know that this is a very bad product. I know of some people who l... 31 Jan 2018, View: 138. Restricted

Hi Kinlian  I have come across some of your articles online regarding DCIs and I just have a few questions regarding the mechanics of how it works.  Suppose I have $100,000 SGD (base c... 14 Oct 2017, View: 55. Restricted

It is highly risky to invest in dual currency investment. Many investors are not aware of this risk. Mr. Tan explains why it is risky. Click here.... 13 Sep 2016, View: 504. Restricted

Investor lost 20% of family wealth on Dual Currency Investment   Hi Mr Tan, I just want to share with the readers that I have suffered 20% loss of my family's wealth via DCI investme... 13 Aug 2016, View: 217. Restricted