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When I visited a bank to place a fixed deposit, the relationship manager tried to sell a dual currency investment to me. I declined. I know that this is a very bad product. I know of some people who l... 31 Jan 2018, View: 138

Hi Kinlian  I have come across some of your articles online regarding DCIs and I just have a few questions regarding the mechanics of how it works.  Suppose I have $100,000 SGD (base c... 14 Oct 2017, View: 55

It is highly risky to invest in dual currency investment. Many investors are not aware of this risk. Mr. Tan explains why it is risky. Click here.... 13 Sep 2016, View: 504

Investor lost 20% of family wealth on Dual Currency Investment   Hi Mr Tan, I just want to share with the readers that I have suffered 20% loss of my family's wealth via DCI investme... 13 Aug 2016, View: 217