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On 6 November, Elok Musk sent out a tweet asking his fans if he should sell 10% of this Tesla stock to raise money to pay his taxes. He announced the result on the following day - there was support.&n... 16 Nov 2021, View: 680. Restricted

I now hold 200 shares of Tesla. The current price is US$1,172. It went to a high of $1,210 on Monday and has dropped 3.2% since. I sold 300 shares at an average price of $910 during the past two we... 03 Nov 2021, View: 415. Restricted

I realized a profit of more than $500,000 in my investment in Tesla over the past 30 months. I have often been asked the questions: a) Will NIO, Li Auto, XPeng, BYD or Lucid be as successful as ... 30 Oct 2021, View: 915. Restricted

I started investing in Tesla in July 2019. I made a profit of $50,000 SGD for the first 6 months. I told my story in this e-book.  It can be downloaded free.  Over the next two years, I p... 29 Oct 2021, View: 490. Restricted

Tesla's stock price reached $870 USD. I hold 400 shares at $702 They showed a gain of $67,200 USD. Friend - when will you sell the Tesla shares? TKL - $800. Friend - But it is already above $800.... 19 Oct 2021, View: 393. Restricted

I have 500 shares in Tesla. The share price was at $720 USD a week ago. I was waiting for Tesla AI (artificial intelligence) Day on 19 August for the stock price to move up to $800. Instead, the... 18 Aug 2021, View: 498. Restricted

Tesla released its financial results for 2Q or 2021 on 26 July, after market closed. The results were excellent, and better than most analysts forecast. The price increased modestly in the after ma... 02 Aug 2021, View: 335. Restricted

Tesla released excellent results for Q2 2021 after market closed. They were better than expectations from most analysts.  However, the stocked price moved up by only 1% in the after market.&nb... 27 Jul 2021, View: 346. Restricted

Tesla's results were excellent.  Here are two videos  Dave Lee Tesla Daily 27 Jul 2021, View: 121. Restricted

Tesla will be releasing its 2Q 2021 earnings on the close of trading on 26 July. Based on the price movement, the investors are cautious about the results. They probably expect the results to be di... 24 Jul 2021, View: 206. Restricted

There was big news for Tesla over the weekend. The regulator in China required Tesla to recall 285,000 cars sold in China over a software issue that could potentially cause accidents. This affects all... 28 Jun 2021, View: 513. Restricted

Tesla is a remarkable company.  It is a leader in the production and sale of electric cars. It is highly innovative and has key strengths in several areas that put it ahead of other auto manuf... 24 Jun 2021, View: 432. Restricted

Tesla shares dropped by 5% ($32) on 30 June to hit a low of $572. The reasons are set out here. I hold 4... 04 Jun 2021, View: 458. Restricted

I held 400 Tesla shares at a cost of $640.  After the financial results for 1Q 2021 was announced, the price went up to $780 on Apr 13. I wanted to sell my shares at $800 or over. It never rea... 26 May 2021, View: 598. Restricted

Tesla's shares have been week for the past two weeks. It faced the challenge that other tech stocks faced, namely: a) Rotation away from growth stocks into cyclical stocks b) Fear of higher inf... 13 May 2021, View: 281. Restricted

I have a large investment in Tesla shares comprising of 400 shares at a cost of $260,000 USD. My average cost per share is $650. The current share price is $617. A month earlier, the price was at $... 12 May 2021, View: 418. Restricted

Tech stocks have high price earning ratios. They are expected to see high growth in the future. In the table below, I show the tech stocks arranged by the forward PE ratio. This is based on the ana... 10 May 2021, View: 275. Restricted

In mid 2019, I took a decision to make a large investment in Tesla stocks. One key factor that convinced me was the manufacturing efficiency of the Tesla gigafactories.  I saw a video of their... 02 May 2021, View: 221. Restricted

Tesla released its financial results for 1Q 2021 after market close on 26 April. The results exceeded ana... 27 Apr 2021, View: 401. Restricted

Tesla's financial results will be released after the close of the market on 26 April. The EPS (earning per share) for Tesla for 2020 was $0.79. Based on the current share price of $729, the PER (pr... 26 Apr 2021, View: 242. Restricted

I hold 400 shares of Tesla at a cost of $649. The current price is $739. The value of my stock is $295,000 USD. The gain is $36,000. I want to show my opinion of this stock. (Note - this is just my... 18 Apr 2021, View: 329. Restricted

In December 2020, when Tesla stock hit $700 USD, I cleared off all my holdings. I felt at that time that Tesla had reached the top end of its value.  I had sold off a little too early. Tesla c... 14 Apr 2021, View: 247. Restricted

I hold the following shares: 400 shares of Tesla at US $649 = $259,000 500 shares of Nio at US$ 52.8 = $26,400 These shares were held over the past one month. I have confidence in Tesla due ... 13 Apr 2021, View: 306. Restricted

Telsa reported delivery of 185,000 vehicles during the first quarter of 2021. This beat market expectation of 170,000 vehicles.  The stock price jumped from $660 (USD) to $690 on the first tra... 06 Apr 2021, View: 323. Restricted

Tesla's reported strong delivery during the first quarter of 2021that beat estimates by analysts by a wide margin. 184,800 vehicles were delivered compared to analyst estimate of 168,000. http... 03 Apr 2021, View: 300. Restricted

I have invested in Tesla for the past two years and made a large profit of over $300,000 USD. I sold off all my Tesla shares in December when the price went above $750. It reached $900 in late January... 28 Mar 2021, View: 489. Restricted

Tesla is well known for its electric vehicle business.  It has another big business that is not widely known - energy business. This comprise of its battery manufacturing, solar roof and power... 10 Mar 2021, View: 160. Restricted

I now hold 300 Tesla shares. The share price during the past five days is shown in the chart below. I bought 100 share at a price of $711 USD before it dropped sharply. I bought the other 200 sha... 08 Mar 2021, View: 360. Restricted

Tesla increased 8 times in 2020 to reach a high of $900 at the start 2021. I sold off all my stock when it was at $750 and did not hold any stock during the run up. Tesla has since dropped 33%... 05 Mar 2021, View: 272. Restricted

I have often been asked about the prospects for NIO. In this interview, a knowledgeable person made these important * NIO does not control it's supply chain. * Several of its key features are insp... 16 Jan 2021, View: 108. Restricted

Tesla hits the sales target of 500,000 vehicles for the year 2020. This was great news for the investors.  The stock price closed at $705 last Thursday before the announcement of the sales res... 03 Jan 2021, View: 111. Restricted

I now hold 200 shares in Tesla. It will be reporting its 3Q 2020 financial results on 22 Oct 2020.  What do I expect? I expect the results to be very good. They will report a healthy profit... 16 Oct 2020, View: 103. Restricted

Someone said Why don't you sell your Tesla shares at $450 and reinvest in Temasek bonds, rather than US treasuries. Both are denominated in US dollar and both are risk free. Temasek bonds give better... 30 Sep 2020, View: 122. Restricted

Elon Mask said that Tesla is projected to sell 20 million cars in 2030. This compares with a projection of 500,000 cars in 2020. See this report:  Is this projection achievable? Tesla is ex... 29 Sep 2020, View: 111. Restricted

My recent trades in Tesla have been profitable. I have invested long in Tesla when it was around $350 and sold the shares around $500. I attribute this success to both luck and a knowledge of the i... 27 Sep 2020, View: 118. Restricted

Tesla battery day is arriving in 2 days time on 22 September 2020. There is high expectation about the news that will be released on that special day. At $450, Tesla's stock is 1,100 times of curr... 20 Sep 2020, View: 111. Restricted

I was bullish on Tesla when it was at $200 (USD) and on the way to $300 ($1,000 to $1,500 before the split). I held a long position. Above $300, I felt that the price was too high. But I still held... 10 Sep 2020, View: 122. Restricted

Tesla closed at $418 on 4 September 2020. It dropped to $402 after market. I just closed a short position in Tesla at a small loss. What is the prospect for Tesla going forward? There are two po... 05 Sep 2020, View: 113. Restricted

I wish to share my experience on taking a short position on Tesla. I sold 80 shares short on CFD on 20 August 2020 at a price of $1,850 (USD). I felt that the price was too high. Tesla split i... 03 Sep 2020, View: 111. Restricted

Around 11 August 2020, Tesla announced a stock split of 5 for 1. Each 1 share of Tesla is broken down into 5 shares. The share price of Tesla was around $1,380 (or $276 for the split share). The st... 01 Sep 2020, View: 109. Restricted

After Tesla announced its 5-1 stock split, the price jumped for $1,400 to $1,800. I sold off my 100 shares.  I decided to sell 90 shares short on CFD at $1,850. The price continued to increase... 25 Aug 2020, View: 113. Restricted

Dear Mr. Tan I read your post that you bought 200 shares of Tesla. At the price of $1,000 USD per share, the total investment is $280,000 in SGD. I do not have this kind of money. How can I invest... 01 Jul 2020, View: 337. Restricted