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An elderly woman invested $100,000 in a complicated life insurance policy that pays a monthly income starting from the sixth year. She was given almost 50 pages of document that describe the contra... 22 Nov 2020, View: 104. Restricted

In the past, the owner of a life insurance policy has to surrender the policy to the insurance company and receive the surrender value. The owner now has an option to sell the policy to an intermed... 22 Nov 2020, View: 104. Restricted

Dear Mr Tan, Lately, I came across a group of financial consultants who claim to be in the business of buying other people's policies at 10% above the surrender values. They then re-sell these prod... 22 Nov 2020, View: 111. Restricted

The AGM was held via Zoom.  The minutes of the AGM are shown below.  ... 21 Nov 2020, View: 13.

An elderly lady went to a bank. The bank officer introduced her to a "retirement policy". It is a 16 year policy issued by a foreign company.  The bank officer told her that she can get out he... 19 Nov 2020, View: 119. Restricted

My friend told me that he heard of a case where a patient was treated in a private hospital and the bill was over $1 million. About 80% are covered by insurance. The patient died. Guess who pays fo... 19 Nov 2020, View: 112. Restricted

The global stock markets are volatile. While the stocks are doing well, there is a risk of a crash when the stock market reflect the real economy and the high unemployment rate.  Is it safe to... 17 Nov 2020, View: 112. Restricted

Someone called me. He was very disappointed with a decision of FIDREC on a dispute with an insurance company. He asked me if there was any avenue that he can pursue. He could not disclose the detai... 12 Nov 2020, View: 109. Restricted

I heard a talk from a global macro strategist. He said that China stocks represent 15% of the global stock markets. However, they represent only 2% of the international funds. As a result, the Ch... 12 Nov 2020, View: 109. Restricted

FWD Insurance overs the Term Life Plus insurance cover. Details of the cover can be found here: Link I obtained the following quote for a Male, Non smoker     Term S... 06 Nov 2020, View: 114. Restricted