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An exchange traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund that is created by an asset manager and is traded on an exchange. Some ETFs are index fund that is created to mirror the performance of a market ... 07 Mar 2021, View: 166.

Mining of bitcoin now consumes an estimated 0.5% of the global production of electricity. It is wasteful and useless. I expect that governments will use this as a reason to ban bitcoin and other... 06 Mar 2021, View: 84.

Many of the growth stocks that I monitored already suffered a drop of over 50% from the peak prices that they reached during the past few months. On 5 March 2021, many of these stocks dropped more ... 06 Mar 2021, View: 369.

The growth stocks fell sharply on 5 March 2021. Many of the growth stocks that I monitored dropped more than 10% (in one case 25%) during the session. These stocks already fell by more than 25% on the... 06 Mar 2021, View: 378.

I present an analysis of large cap technology stocks - with a market capitalisation of $100 billion or more. The core stocks are referred as the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Goog... 05 Mar 2021, View: 248.

I have $697,000 USD invested in the growth stocks shown below. They now show a loss of $178,000 (20%) compared to my cost. Most of these stocks were bought during the past few weeks at a discount of 2... 05 Mar 2021, View: 489.

Tesla increased 8 times in 2020 to reach a high of $900 at the start 2021. I sold off all my stock when it was at $750 and did not hold any stock during the run up. Tesla has since dropped 33%... 05 Mar 2021, View: 270.

Hong Kong is now considering to allow SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) to list in the HK exchange. Quote: Hong Kong is exploring whether to allow Special Purpose Acquisition Companie... 03 Mar 2021, View: 17. Restricted

During the past two months, the prices of stocks in the travel industry (i.e. airlines, hotels, cruise operators) have increased sharply due to optimism for the industry with the rollout of the vaccna... 02 Mar 2021, View: 232. Restricted

Dear Mr Tan, I like to seek your advice on dbs invest saver. I am not very familiar if it is good. But I know you do recommend on STI etf. And dbs invest saver I find is the convenient to transa... 01 Mar 2021, View: 188. Restricted