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Dear Mr. Tan Who pays the agent's commission on renewal of the lease on a property - the owner or the tenant? REPLY The property agent usually ask for one month's commission for a two year lease ... 18 Jan 2019, View: 8

A month ago, I invested about $150,000 in some speculative shares in Hong Kong, Singapore and America. These are speculative investments that have to be closely monitored. I bought these shares bec... 17 Jan 2019, View: 11

Dear Mr. Tan What would be your advise if I have a fixed sum of money that I hope to turn into a retirement fund, just like what CPF Life is doing. I have already max out both my wife and... 16 Jan 2019, View: 9

Revised on 14 Jan 2019 (updated using figures from the CPF Life Estimator) Someone asked if CPF Life gives good value to the annuitant. CPF members now have to set aside $181,000 at age 55 for CPF ... 12 Jan 2019, View: 40

I hope to seek your kind help in the light of the recent SNEC $4.50 payout fiasco,  I am reminded of my own case whereby in 2010, my heart-stent operation claim at National Heart Centre(SGH) w... 10 Jan 2019, View: 21

Dear Mr Tan,  I intend to help my daughter about insurance and finance planning. She will be graduating this July and start working.  I read about your comment regarding not to spend lar... 09 Jan 2019, View: 18

A policyholder bought a Living Policy in 1996 containing cover for 36 dread diseases. Subsequently, NTUC Income upgraded the cover for new policyholders to 40 dread diseases.  The policyholder... 04 Jan 2019, View: 78

Medishield started in 1990 to provide insurance for catastrophic medical expenses. The co-payments was supposed to be covered by money in the CPF Medisave account.  The problem is that the med... 02 Jan 2019, View: 18

Dear Mr. Tan, I have read articles in the newspaper and was quite convinced that I could get a "higher" monthly payout if I continue to ensure I have a big sum of money in my Retirement Account.&nb... 17 Dec 2018, View: 82

HI Mr Tan A property agent has recommended that I buy a resale HDB (about .$450 k) for investment.  Even if it depreciates to zero, I can rent it out after the minimum occupatio... 20 Nov 2018, View: 147