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Benefits for FISCA members from 1 August 2020

a) A monthly talk on financial planning, insurance and investment will be conducted online and will be free to members. They are exclusive to members - i.e. the public will not participate. Click here to view the talks that will be held soon.

b) There will be a new monthly event - Online Chat with FISCA president. I will present a review of an insurance product (usually a newly launched product) or an analysis of a share investment. This will be following by a general discussion. Members will receive a link on the day before this chat. You do not not need to register in advance. The online chats scheduled over the next few months are shown in this link.

c) Members can login to the FISCA website to view all the articles posted there. The public can view only the recent articles posted during the previous 14 days. 
Click here to view the article in the website

Click here to sign into the website and view the restricted articles. 

d) Payment of the subscription to FISCA ($36 a year) will now be made only through PayNow to T09SS0081A. The member can update the payment using a link and have immediate access to the benefits.

Click here to join as a member for $36 a year to enjoy the above benefits

Tan Kin Lian